Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Happy Sights

Thursday night's show was extremely pleasant. It started out a little slow - while I was ready on time (for once), the only singer I had signed up at that point was Hex. I didn't get enough people to really start until 8:50pm - but it picked up nicely from there.

For most of the evening, we hovered around 20 singers in the rotation. So yeah, nicely busy. People started to fade a little after midnight, which meant that those that stuck around got to sing more.

I finished off the 7th rotation around 1:50am, and packed up. Not too much, though - I needed to leave the equipment for Friday.

supersniffles was mildly toasty, so I drove her to IHOP, where I verified that their corn meal pancakes are yummy. Then I dropped her back off at her car, came home, and slept. A bit oddly, if you read my last post, but fairly solidly.

During the day Friday, I finally finished off the new front page for the karaoke website. Please check it out - I'd love some constructive criticism. I'm still working on the rest of it.

That took me until 5:30pm or so, at which time I cleaned up, grabbed some Carl's, and headed off to the bar for an evening of belly dance. Last night was our first (and hopefully not only) Club Spice, which featured a number of quite talented (and for the most part, extremely hot) dancers, quite ably MCed by sarahl210. I was handling the mics and background music.

princesskiti22 and Nate-o were there, so I celebrated a third night in a row of Keri presence by drinking Jack&cokes. There is definitely something about Mr. Daniels and me. Granted, I drank four of them, but over about 4 hours, so quite honestly, there shouldn't have been that much of an effect. But somehow, rather unlike vodka or gin, Jack gets me drunk and keeps me there.

It's a good thing shutdown took a while.

In any case, we had a very nice crowd, people seemed happy, both timenchanter and jeffercine were kept hopping behind the bar for a good part of the night, and altogether, it was a quite positive experience.

Did I mention Keri was there? And hot dancers? Yeah.

The end of the evening was dance music by DJ Amar, who was pretty damn good, and kept a large fraction of the crowd there and dancing.

We had most of the bar returned to normal, and my stuff packed, by 2:30am, and then Timmie, foxypinkninja, and I went out to breakfast. We were going to do Denny's, but apparently they were going to be closed for a while because "someone died in the bathroom," so we ended up at IHOP.

Nobody seemed to be dying there, so I think we ended up at the right place.

One pleasant meal with pleasant people later, Timmie took off to return Elly to her apartment, and I brought my equipment home. A new disc arrived yesterday, so I proceeded to scan it in and enter it into the database. There are now more new songs on the update list, and Keri is likely to be at least partially blond this Sunday.

Right now I should probably, like, sleep or something. What with the whole "being tired" and "damned sun came up" bits.

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