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January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Another Day, Another Party

My accomplishment for yesterday was going to dinner_and. Pretty much my accomplishment for today, too, come to think of it.

Not much to say - great people, really good food, lots of fun. We even had a long-term visit by Ken B!

Not to mention hogarthhughes's idea of sangria, which I can't have found too terrible, since I had two cups.

Fun times. Around 11:00pm or so, jeffercine was on the couch, closing out support tickets for work, and Nate-o was on the other leg of the couch, surfing. I accused them of waving drugs in front of an addict.

By 11:30pm, both princesskiti22 and I had our laptops out...

Around 1:00am, there was a general desire to watch a movie. I had a developing headache, and wasn't too sure about the effects the emotional roller coaster would have on me, so I went home for the night.

There followed my now usual mix of sleep for a few hours, a bit of wakefulness, then a few more hours of sleep. I at least feel far better than I did, though it's hard to tell, because I seriously need FOOD.

I got myself up and dressed around 3:00pm, with the idea of going out. The problem being that I need to find the landlord to pay the rent. And he's either not home, or asleep.

I'm about to head out anyway - hopefully timenchanter can drop by after practice and get a response from the guy.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: hungryhungry

I'm glad you like my sangria! I think next time I'm getting more berries to add some more flavor. Maybe even PINEAPPLE.