Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Concrete Progress

I finally got out of the apartment yesterday around 3:00pm, and headed to the beautiful Campbell Home Depot. On the way, I got a call from my mom, asking what was going on.

At least I was on the road.

Somewhere in the back of my head, I thought I'd check on truck availability there before calling, dunno why.

Except I really don't like calling places.

Ah well. She showed up about 20 minutes after I got there, we convinced a desk to hold the truck, grabbed a flat cart, and headed back to the concrete aisle, where some basic arithmetic demonstrated that we needed 36 60lb sacks.

I, for some reason, didn't feel like moving 36 60lb sacks from the back to the front of the store. So we walked back up, supposedly arranged to have 36 sacks on a pallet brought up, rented the truck, and sat around for half an hour waiting for something to happen.

Then, finally, we talked to a guy who seemed to have an idea of how to actually get something done.

So we got our pallet, got the time reset on the truck, and I drove the behemoth up to the dome, surprisingly without running into anything. I even managed to get it backed partway into the old truck's garage space without hitting the sides. Go me!

And then proceeded to unload a ton of concrete in bags. Literally. My parents, rather amusingly, tried to help, and even, working together, managed to move 4 bags from the back of the truck to the ground before my mom's lifting ability completely gave out.

Fortunately no-one was hurt in the process, and I was relatively proud that I only split about 4 of the bags, and only one seriously (We ended up pouring it off the back of the truck into a pan). Just to add to the amusement, the truck is frikkin' tall, which meant unloading consisted of clambering onto the truck bed, moving bags from the pallet to the edge of the bed while on my knees (with the garage door inches above my head), then jumping down and moving the bags onto the pile.

I don't clamber well, at least not when the first step's five feet up, so I cheated and got a step-stool.

Then an exciting drive back down the mountain, with only one notable event.

I'm kinda used to driving stick right now. The truck, not surprisingly, is automatic. I had it in 2nd most of the way down to avoid overheating the brakes.

And then forgot to put it back in drive when I got on the 17.

I realized fairly shortly what the problem was when I heard the engine whine, and proceeded to shift up to drive. Which would have been fine, except instinct said I needed to depress the clutch first.

And there was only one large pedal near my left foot.

I'm soooooo glad there was no-one directly behind me....

With no further incidents, the truck was returned to Home Depot, where they only charged for the initial 75 minutes - apparently I move sacks reasonably rapidly.

Then back home, a shower, and a change of clothes - somewhere in there I got kinda dusty.

And a bounce back out and down to la Maison du Café for a fairly impromptu birthday dinner for my mom. A great little restaurant, but I swear we only go there because my dad likes their duck.

That took from about 7:30pm to 9:30pm, at which time they headed back to the dome, and I found my way home.

And a timenchanter that wanted to go to the White Horse. Which is, of course, what we did. I've been meaning to go visit the place for some time now.

We were only there for an hour or so, but got to say hi to Mark, tenshinigami, and a few other people I should probably know. And DJ Whirl - I apparently made quite an impression on him when he came to visit KoC last month.

It was kind of embarrassing - I sang one song, and his intro about my show was nearly as long as the song proper. Good thing it was a song I do halfway decently...

Otherwise I wasn't too social, and hung around in the background near Adam's group. Probably for the best. Rule of thumb: If anyone says "watching the movie is equivalent to reading the book," no matter how extensively complete the movie is, slap them. It's a very, very silly thing to say.


I drove us back home around midnight, and then, and then, blessed SLEEP. I'm actually, finally, fully recharged. I've been up for a few hours now - and even have done something sort of productive.

I finally called my ISP about the email problem I've been having since the middle of the month. Of course, the response was "It's still sitting in their email queue" followed by "Dang, it's been there a long time." The joys of dealing with tech support...

OK, time to get up.

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