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Mild Weirdness

Not major weirdness, just the slightly odd. Like, say, the fact that I haven't done a real update since Saturday evening.

Or the fact that I haven't really slept all that much since Saturday - because I keep staying up until 7:00am (doing nothing much), then have to get up and do something in this "afternoon" period everybody talks about.

Or the very, very odd fact that chaoswolf is in my bar, singing karaoke. When the hell did she grow up? And she's married?!?? Sheesh!

In terms of sequence, well... I got home from CPK, hung out until, well, about 7:00am Sunday, slept for a bit, woke up before noon, and eventually made it down to kshandra and gridlore's place around 2:30pm. It turned out they really didn't have all that much to move, so we were done by 3:00pm.

So I headed to the Hamptons Mario Kart party, already in progress. I managed to say hello to the elusive supersixy and writenwrong, who were, of course, just leaving.

There ensued a very pleasant afternoon of mostly hanging out in a corner, reading webcomics with princesskiti22. Definitely a squee of a time.

Around 6:30pm, we all got ourselves to Oakridge for Cold Stone, and where everybody but Keri and myself got tickets to see The Forbidden Kingdom.

We, of course, went to the bar to set up. Sunday was, contrary to recent experience, quite a busy night. Not insanely so (we did 7 rotations), but with about 30 individual singers, quite a few of which were new. We also made money, for which Paula, Keri, and I are all grateful.

We had another visit from Terry the Wino, but he was much better behaved this time out. Still creepy as hell.

Keri decided to brave the floor with him there, and mostly survived.

supersniffles and I did another IHOP run. They still serve decent food since Thursday.

I think I managed to get myself in bed by 6:00am Monday. I know I got out around 11:30am, so I could go and pick up timenchanter at the airport.

I gave sailorv61 huggies and let her hijack my LJ. Umm, just now.

Back in the timestream - we had lunch at Thep Thai, then did some (fruitless) shopping for my mom, and finally just decided to go up there and give her the birthday card.

They were gratifyingly surprised and pleased. We hung out there until something like 4:30pm, then came home to nap for a bit before the bar.

The bar tonight has been busy for a Monday. Apart from Chaos and Bun Bun, we also had a couple of hours of spawrhawk, and some koc_hex. We're now down to a relatively short rotation (myself, Timmie, kizmet100, Cindi, celicnoor, and lucydogstringer), and things are just generally winding down.

I'd say something about getting some sleep tomorrow, but that isn't any more likely - I've got to do the cement run I flaked on Saturday. Such a hard life I lead...

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