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I finally got up and ready for the day yesterday at the early hour of 8:00pm, because of a last minute take-the-kshandra-out-before-her-head-asplodes arrangement.

We had a pleasant dinner at Coco's, where I rambled at her a great deal about relatively innocuous matters.

Then I returned home to my program of vegetating, already in progress.

I'm not really sure what I did, though there was a fair amount of webcomics reading in there.

I finally dragged myself to bed around 7:00am.

I woke up a little bit here and there, including some participation in the great lj-cut controversy, which was... entertaining, mostly. Good to know that far more innocuous items than boob-fondling can also cause ire...

But I didn't really wake up wake up until about 2:00pm, at which time I called my parents to tell them I wasn't coming up.

I just wasn't feeling up to it. First of all, I wasn't feeling great, probably mostly because (1) my sleep schedule was off for me, and (2) I'd just woken up in a sweat with a mild headache, probably because it was 81° in my room. Second of all, I was supposed to help buy cement, rent a truck from Home Depot, then drive that back&forth. Far more activity than my lethargic brain could even comprehend at the time.

I rescheduled for Tuesday. At least then, there's likely to be less competition for the trucks.

I then devoted several more hours to the "killing time with a large, heavy, mallet" category. I eventually got out of the house, and down here to CPK, because hunger finally got me going.

I got myself added to the waiting list, started wandering through the mall, when it actually hit me - my mom's birthday is Monday. Monday! With my luck, I canceled out on a surprise party for her...

So I now have a card for her, and an idea of what to get her for a present - not that I'm sure anyplace here carries it. But I have a couple of days.

I'm also going to try to get my lazy ass to do a surprise visit Monday afternoon to drop them off. We'll see if that actually happens...

Anyway, the Tequila chicken fettucine calls, and I must answer.

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