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Bruce [userpic]

For some reason, I wasn't up until fairly late Thursday. Go figure.

In fact, I didn't make it to the bar until just after 8:00pm - and more importantly, wasn't able to get started until about 8:50pm or so.

Important because last night, actual people came to the bar. It wasn't, y'know, packed or anything - I was able to fit in 6 rotations before 1:55am, and would have been able to fit swanhart into that last five minutes if he hadn't just walked out the door - but it was certainly busy enough.

Sometimes I feel like people actually kinda do like what I do. Or at least what princesskiti22 does...

The core group was the Stripes, returning from a successful game, but we also had quite a number of others, such as trivialt (who for some reason isn't enjoying being accused of being a disease vector) and Jason.

Since I'd just acquired it, I sang Mr. Roboto, while Keri and snafflekid did the robot on the dance floor beside me, Kendall periodically jabbing me in the neck. I think he was trying to replicate the story of the first robot death, and fortunately wasn't using a screwdriver...

We even had a short appearance by jorgitoelcubano, and an even shorter one by lucydogstringer (I assume, after his fans stopped mobbing him, that he did his usual "get spooked at the crowd" thing).

Sarah showed up with mvmedic, "celebrating" having been laid off. It was great to see her (and him!), if not for that reason. Not that I was expecting to see her giving body shots, but hey...

Given the number of people, and the number of relatively wasted people, I assume that the bar did reasonably well. Keri and I did OK, if not fantastic, in tips.

There were a number of slightly odd occurrences, like a wasted (not as annoying) Bob drinking Keri's drink, the rather unexpected sex in the men's bathroom (names withheld for future blackmail rights), and Lee, who's simply kind of hard to describe. Keri was attributing it to timenchanter and her gay husband having met last night down in SoCal.

Anyways, it was a pretty entertaining evening.

I was packed up by 2:30am, at which time supersniffles and I headed off to enjoy a non-Denny's meal at IHOP. It was wonderful: They have chicken Florentine crêpes! Just the sheer joy of eating something that wasn't breaded and deep-fried almost overwhelmed me.

Yeah, I'm easily amused.

I think it was about 3:30am or so when we each went home. I got here, and discovered that there was a new version of Ubuntu for my laptop available (8.04 Hardy Heron). I started that process, set the thing aside for the several hours it was going to take, and, not too long after that, went to bed.

Where I've been for most of the day since then (about 6:00am). I'm doing my best to motivate myself to get up and do something with the evening. Like, well, eat...

Well, OK, that's a little unfair. I've also spent several hours trying to figure out how to deal with the new, improved OS. Especially the new, improved FireFox release. A number of the new features are kinda disconcerting. On the whole, though, I'm quite pleased.

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Wow.....Okay.....sex in a bathroom sounds terrible enough....but....sex in KOC's BATHROOMS?! Those.....pits of terror?! Holy frakin' buggering hell! That's just plain terrifying! I shudder at even the thought....

Please tell me the two were mind bogglingly drunk......please.....

Don't people have cars?! (Not saying that would be much better.....still.....)

I am loyal to Firefox. I haven't looked at the new features yet. I honestly don't take advantage of them. Just tabs. For your info, Firefox generally crashes somewhere between 35-50 tabs, mattering on what they are....


Wow, I must be tired. I read the name "Lee" and my first thought was "Lee, my Lee, was at the bar?" Keep in mind, Lee was with me all evening yesterday. >_> clearly I am both tired, and deranged....


Actually, the women's isn't too bad - but this was the men's. And there was a certain degree of mind-boggling drunkage going on...

I'm a longtime, and fairly loyal, Firefox user myself. It's just that I've been jumped to version 3 beta 5, and some of the features are... disconcerting.

I also need to get used to a new LJ check plugin, because my old one doesn't work any more - and the new one is a giant, do-everything monster.

Not that I've ever tried it, but there is a fetish or interest for many gay men in having sex in a bathroom or other public place. I agree however that KoC's men's bathroom is the last place I would expect, I try to be in there for as briefly as I need to be!

Precisely. Don't get me wrong, I love KoC, but I approach going into that bathroom with a sense of impending doom. The repaint helped a little, but only a little.

I don't even want to think about trying to cram two people into that stall..... If they even used the stall.....

This is gonna haunt me.....


Years ago, after a show, I was out front, and saying something like "I can't understand how anyone can have sex in that stall."

I said it in front of the wrong person. Wrong because I started to get an extensive lecture on the process...

Re: Hee!

Oh Christ, that'd be TERRIBLE......

Re: Hee!

Yeah - there are some mental images I now just won't ever be able to shake.

And it's a shame, too. I hate having our bathrooms being brought down to the class level of the stalls at the Republican National Convention...

Re: Hee!

But tap music is so classy, and people can communicate so much with the power of music.

Hee hee

When you think about it..... Women throw their panties at rockstars.....so.....do gay men lose their pants to tap dancers?


Re: Hee!

"Michael Flatly - darling of the neo-cons!"

Kenji Urada (c. 1944 - 1981) was one of the first individuals killed by a robot. Urada was a 37-year old maintenance engineer at a Japanese Kawasaki plant. While working on a broken robot, he failed to turn it off completely, resulting in the robot pushing him into a grinding machine with its hydraulic arm. He died as a result.[1][2]

Urada is often said to be the first person killed by a robot.[1][2] However, Robert Williams was killed by a robot earlier, in 1979.[3]

You see, I left my grinding machine at home. Robot kill human. bzzzzzzt.


That was the event I was referencing - except I could have sworn he was skewered with a screwdriver, not pushed into a grinder.

Oh well.

Re: Huh

I honestly don't know which of you is geekier at the this moment.........................