Bruce (kor27) wrote,


OK. Mark was successfully brought back to the Hamptons, cracked rib and all.

timenchanter was brought back to the Duplex. After it was discovered that his flight was actually at 9:10am, he was taken to the airport, and dumped at departures around 8:55am.

I don't know how, but he reported having made it to beautiful John Wayne airport at 10:16am.

I was stupid enough to check my mail, and found 3 of the latest order of discs in the mailbox (Praise Chaos that the other 3 are backordered). They've been scanned, entered, cross-checked, folded, and mutilated. You can check out the updates at the usual place.

I now have 8 Hannah Montana songs. Yay. I've even listened to them all, in order to check the scan. Deep stuff from Ms. Montana. Yessirree.

The update sheets have been printed and stapled.

I think I now deserve a few hours of sleep.

Let's see what happens when I try...

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