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Bruce [userpic]

The American medical system sucks.

Not that this is particular news to anyone with half a brain, but I just feel like saying it.

Perhaps 5 patients have come through here since Mark went back.

It's vaguely possible he may be released "shortly," but I wouldn't guarantee it.

The treatment so far? A screening, some x-rays, two pain shots, and a pain prescription. Wow.

Well, I think he's got the prescription now...

Current Location: Good Samaritan
Mood: tiredtired


I texted Mark (and was then called)

He sounded.......awesome....

Sleep will do him good.

I would think it was just a side-effect (no pun intended) of the time you got there; you figure I was seen at Good Sam when I fell down the stairs, and was done inside of 90 minutes....

They actually had him in a room and x-rayed pretty quickly. They even got him his first shot about 20 minutes after that. I honestly think they were taking their time because the medication they injected was related to morphine and he doesn't react well to morphine. Then there was the second shot and the waiting period to see if he'd react again. Of course I was in the room with him and didn't have to sit by myself in the lobby wondering what the hell was going on.

They very well have had good reason in his case. I was just frustrated, not to mention projecting my own previous experiences onto the situation...

I wish I'd gotten a response like that sometime. But at least whenever I'm involved - outside or in - it takes 3 hours, minimum. Most of them sitting around.

In one case, with my sitting around for a couple of hours with a quarter-inch hole in my foot dripping on the floor...