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Bruce [userpic]
Getting Around

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning passed in my usual mix of surfing and sleep.

Surprisingly, I was up and ready early enough yesterday afternoon to not only get fondue ingredients with timenchanter, but also make it to the Hamptons with said ingredients before 6:30pm.

Even more surprising, after the shredding, mixing, and smoke cleared, most people kinda liked it.

Hell, I liked it.

And that's all despite being eclipsed by Nate-o's astoundingly delicious chocolate crême brulée.

It was a typically wonderful Hamptons evening, with the usual cast of great people, including those I always like to watch see, princesskiti22 and candiddani. We also had a (hopefully not to be so) rare visit by kshandra, as well as sugarbare, mr_seed, and Apple's lovely roommate Cynthia.

I was, as usual, there quite late. The unusual part is that I actually washed the various cheese-covered implements and packed them away - despite the fact that tracking down all the fondue forks took a bit of work.

Of course, the most unusual part was when (blond, skinny) Mark fell down in the bathroom and hurt his ribs. There was some attempt to settle him down in the guest bedroom, but around 3:00am, he decided he'd prefer to go to a hospital.

Which is why, right now, I'm pacing an empty hospital waiting room, and getting high blood pressure from Fox propaganda. He and Timmie are somewhere in the bowels of Good Samaritan - I gather he's getting x-rays at this moment.

You never know where events will take you...

Current Location: Good Samaritan
Mood: tiredtired

Do I want to know what/where people had got the forks to?

No, but simply because there'd be no particular information of interest transmitted.

The hosts had simply both picked out-of-the-way places to keep their forks, to make sure they weren't used by someone else.

Elly really enjoyed the fondue too. Sorry to hear about what happened Mark. we wish him a speedy recovery and a minimal amount of pain.

I'm glad she liked it!

Mark's got a cracked rib, and he'll be healing for something like a month, unfortunately.

All they can give him for that is pain meds, so if he seems a little distracted the next time you see him, you'll know why...

I particularly like the fact that every time you stated that there were missing fondue forks some would say "oh did you get the one in (insert obscure place here)?)

Technically, the only people who inserted their fondue forks in obscure places were our gracious hosts...

true, but it still amused me

It amused me too. Being able to make that previous comment amused me quite a bit as well...

Lol! OMG I was so out of it yesterday, what with all the hoopla that I totally didn't get it, & now I'm trying not to laugh histerically in class teehee

Well, then, the timing was perfect! ;-)