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Bruce [userpic]
A First Time for Everything

I've just had my first comment thread frozen. What with all the Open Source Boob Project crap flying (Sorry, kshandra), I found myself at this post, to which I felt compelled to make this comment, with the accompanying response.

I'm obviously going to avoid posting anything further there - for one thing, I get the impression that as a male, I'm disqualified.

Not to mention, y'know, someone who thinks she's kinda full of it.

But I am truly curious about people's opinions of the interchange, for anyone willing to take the time to look.

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Um, no. That would be the Romans, I believe. Cons just try to keep the tradition alive.

What I was referring to was that one could get a sticker for one's badge - red, green, or yellow - that indicated how comfortable one was with physical contact. Mostly of the "hug" as opposed to "fondling" variety.

It was, of course, optional (and gender neutral), allowed hug sluts the contact they crave, and also meant that those with aversion to contact could avoid it.

Not to mention allowing those who were more picky the right to advertise that they were picky.

it's really beside the point for me to begin to offer pre-Roman examples from the literature


You mean - people had sex before the Roman empire!

But without Latin, what would they call it?