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Bruce [userpic]
A First Time for Everything

I've just had my first comment thread frozen. What with all the Open Source Boob Project crap flying (Sorry, kshandra), I found myself at this post, to which I felt compelled to make this comment, with the accompanying response.

I'm obviously going to avoid posting anything further there - for one thing, I get the impression that as a male, I'm disqualified.

Not to mention, y'know, someone who thinks she's kinda full of it.

But I am truly curious about people's opinions of the interchange, for anyone willing to take the time to look.

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True - she didn't.

And you have a definite point, I haven't seen that particular combination. I've had a friend incarcerated after finding out his marriage wasn't valid (the next day, the woman took her daughter to the police to declare that he had touched her (the daughter) inappropriately). I've known people who've lost their jobs after decades of experience over one badly-timed joke.

And... thanks very much for the feedback. I've obviously got nearly as much emotional BS tied up in this subject as everyone else.

And I wish I knew a decent solution. Sexual harassment is a real and ongoing problem. Unfortunately, the present backlash is getting to be as serious.

I don't mind so much that you can lose your job over hugging someone. It's that you can lose your job because someone other than the two of you found the hug disturbing.