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Bruce [userpic]
Fine Grind

timenchanter and I had dinner at Panera, yesterday, then got to the bar on time.

I was even set up on time.

Around 8:30pm, people started trickling in, and I had enough to start with by about 8:50pm. There ensued a very entertaining, if not precisely crowded evening. Bar income was kinda down, but nothing to sneeze at, either.

Lindsay was out with friends, dealing with a split-up with Lucky. It's great to see her, but it's too bad about the reason. kismet100 and foxypinkninja had dressed each other. Maggie looked pretty good in Elly's stuff - I've even got some pictures. In the giant reserve of pictures to process...

At least, she looked pretty good when she wasn't doubled over in embarrassment - which was cute in its own way.

A quick visit by cybrenn, who'd been marching all day, and decided fairly quickly that he just wasn't awake enough to stick around for too long.

And a pleasantly long session with lucydogstringer, who even brought one of his dogs (Enis) for a bit, before dropping him off back home.

princesskiti22 and I were doing new, and newish songs. She had me sing Female of the Species, which was really cool, because I'd forgotten that I wanted to do it. She did a quite good job of Crazy on You.

Nate-o brought in a friend and co-worker of his, Colleen. About halfway through the night, she got liquored up enough to try singing. About three quarters of the way through, I was spanking her in the booth.

During my last song, she was backed up to me, trying (semi-successfully) to get me to freak. Definitely a good night for embarrassment all around. Especially since I couldn't keep track of the song, for some reason.

Quite a nice tramp stamp, I must say.

Timmie later told me it was definitely the most amusing part of his night. So at least I continued to provide entertainment.

We ended the show at just about 2:00am, at the end of the 8th rotation. Timmie, Keri, and I drove off simultaneously at 2:30am - her to work (successfully) on her paper, and Timmie and I to go chow down at Carrows.

Then home, and mostly sleep. I've done some of that "awake" stuff here and there since then, either researching silly stuff (mostly scissors lifts - for the karaoke business, believe it or not), or random surfing. I did finally get in contact with my broker, or at least his assistant, and was just emailed a form I need to fill out and fax off to my IRA.

So at least some progress, there. Right now I need to convince myself to, y'know, get up for the day...

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all I can really do while reading this is "BLINK...BLINK..." HEH. Sorry I didn't see you on saturday. I am officially 20 now! woo.


There is much gladness that I was able to provide entertainment. :-D

I'm sorry I missed you too! Welcome to another year, and my congratulations, again, for surviving your birthday!

Actually I didn't dress Elly. As I keep telling her I have no fashion sense, I think she looks great in anything she decides to wear. Well except maybe her orange outfit which makes her look, well . . . ORANGE! I look forward to seeing the pics.