Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fits and Starts

Not too long after my last post, I decided I wasn't going to last the night, so I just headed home. And, remarkably shortly, slept.

In my usual fashion. Up every few hours, to make sure I kept abreast of the latest LJ updates.

That lasted until remarkably late Saturday afternoon, which was a shame, since I'd been hoping to drop by mor_riogain's birthday party before heading off to amor_ereptor's. Ah well.

I at least had a fun evening at Dave&Buster's with a great group of people. Actually, several of us left there around 10:00pm, when the party broke up, and transported the fun to the Hamptons. cekyr0, princesskiti22, hogarthhughes, timenchanter, and trivialt all Wii-brawled while I sat in a corner, cracked wise, and surfed.

There was also much joke-reading from a book of Stanley's by Keri.

All in all, a wonderful time.

I left around 6:30am to come home and crash, leaving Timmie stranded in the guest bedroom. I'm sure he's quite upset about that.

On the sorta productive side, I did some photo selection and processing for the karaoke website. Baby steps. And no, Lisa, I didn't touch the B&B pictures. Just those 20 or so took about an hour.

The pain of being an artiste.

I've been up for an hour or two, and may just go back to sleep in a bit - though the evening is coming up.

And since I had some money in the checking account, and the 3-page update sheets I put together on Friday looked kinda wimpy, I just ordered another $100 worth of discs.

So if Gia ever shows up again, she'll have her bloody Hannah Montana.

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