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Bruce [userpic]
A Few Steps Forward

After my last post, I mostly slept, getting up at something like 3:00pm. There were quite a few things I wanted to get done. I succeeded in getting through a shower and up to On The Border for dinner by about 6:00pm.

I take my successes where I can find them.

The one email address that appeared to be working is back to rejecting all connection attempts. I finally got around to sending my ISP another strongly worded email this afternoon.

I may get around to calling them later. From experience, most email just produces return messages saying they're "working on it."

I didn't hear back from my broker (finally got around to calling him today, got voicemail. Hopefully he'll get back to me Monday).

I did note that DooWop had finally charged for my last disc purchase. In fact, it arrived today - so there will be more Smiths this Sunday.

And then to the bar, where I was largely set up on time. I think I even started the show at 8:50pm, when people signed up.

An interesting evening. Not particularly crowded (we went through 8 rotations), but most of the people there were drinking. Some rather heavily. By all reports, the bar did OK, if not spectacularly.

That said, it was, as usual, much fun. Both candiddani and princesskiti22 were much with the hotness, I was busy trying songs that, while they weren't particularly new, I'd never sung successfully - and I pulled a few of them off.

hogarthhughes spent most of the evening in a booth, spread-eagled, "elevating his foot." Nate-o was in for the whole night, and mostly sang what I gave him (But then, I was suiciding him out of his envelope). It was just a very... playful night.

Including Lisa singing Barbie Girl. And, apparently, Keri flashing her throughout, which I completely and utterly missed.

The surprise return of the night was swanhart, who I haven't seen in ages. Since he just left his job, hopefully I'll be seeing some more of him.

jorgitoelcubano was present for most of the night, and apparently feeling a bit insecure. I don't think I've ever given him that many hugs.

trivialt was in for a while, though he informed me firmly when he showed up that he was not singing. Apparently I'm that pushy...

timenchanter got roped into bartending (and apparently did quite well in tips).

And, afterward, none of us went to Denny's. supersniffles went home, and Timmie and I went to the Mini.

Then home, and a failed attempt at sleep (I had just been to the Mini, after all). I finally got some sleep around 8:00am, then got back up and prepared to head to the 'rents at around noon.

I was supposed to be there by 2:30pm. I made it at 3:00pm. For me, not too bad.

Then a climb into the semi-functioning truck with my mom, and an... entertaining ride down the mountain to their mechanic.

It'll be there until Tuesday.

Timmie came and picked us up, we dropped by my mom's bank, then back up to the dome, where we had a quite tasty dinner.

And after some visiting, I'm back down here at the bar. Timmie's bartending, and the second Traansmission is going on. It's been pretty pleasant, if a little slow so far.

But I've been doing little things like updating the bar website, and chatting with k_turns_blue. Not to mention handling sound system problems for the DJ crew (knowledgeable about electricity they are not).

It's pleasant, though I may have to hang out until the end of the night to get some of my stuff back. And I am le tired.

Current Location: KoC
Mood: tiredtired

joy joy... I'm trying to finish a horrid rough draft here of a mediation paper... how you?

I'm OK. I just gave up on the bar (just not staying awake), and came home, by way of In-n-Out.

Of course, on my way out, I volunteered myself for another job for Paula.

Masochistic am I.

Ugh..let the floggings continue until morale improves!!
I'm a poopy puppy .. means sleepy

my pooch on the other hand is behaving indignantly b/c I won't let him sleep on my right side. Silly boi.

was it busy tonight?

Poor puppy. Personally, I'm happy to get whatever side I can manage...

Tonight? Not particularly. Which is too bad - the last Traansmission had a really good turnout.

But ya can't have everything.

i see i see. well I suppose I should head off to sleepy land. the pup made a niche .. still on the right hand side.. dunno what got into hime, but oh well, he's cute anyway.
Sold the piano.. yay...well not yay, but I don't really have room for it back home. I can't believe that I'll be living in the bay so soon again. It kinda scares the bejesus out of me. ugh

Sleep well, pianos are rather large, and I can see that it's scary, but it'll be nice to have you out here.

I think that covers everything. Good night!

Well... have a nap... THEN FIRE Z MISSILES!!

WTF, Mate?

and some huge meteor was like, "well fuck that"

It didn't pick up.

And I just now remembered about your mat, which means I didn't put it away. I'll swing by tomorrow and put it in the closet. I'm sorry!

Heh - well, the worst that could have happened is that they put it back themselves, and locked the padlock...

I didn't know that padlock actually still closes! lol

Heh - not only does it close, but we don't know where the key went...