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After my last post, I cleaned myself up, and - miraculously - went through the stacks of papers most likely to contain tax data, with some success.

My paperwork filing system is one that would best be described as "geological." Despite the ownership, over the years, of multiple filing cabinets; documents, as well as interesting trinkets, coupons, and occasionally books, tend to get thrown in one of a few vaguely appropriate piles. Over time, the piles grow together into what would more appropriately be called a formation.

And, eventually, finding a particular piece of paperwork generally requires digging to the appropriate set of strata, and mining.

What's odd is that I generally find what I'm looking for...

After that expedition, I headed out to Red Robin and had myself a relaxing dinner, just myself, the laptop, and various bill payer sites. Ah, the joys of spending money...

Then to the bar, where I was only 5 minutes late for a change. Which would have worked better if timenchanter hadn't been 20 minutes late opening the place.

But still, I was set up and pretty much ready to go at 8:00pm. I didn't have people lined up to start until some time around 8:45pm, but that's the way it goes.

But when they arrived, they arrived fairly quickly - and in fair quantity. The first rotation was about 11 people, and the second was around 14. Of course, the second rotation also saw the return of Terry the Wino. I don't think he was particularly worse this time around, but he was certainly no better. There was no chasing of princesskiti22, because she simply didn't give him the chance.

I was stuck in the booth for over an hour with Keri. It was awful.

Oddly, though, shortly after Terry got there, people started leaving. Can't imagine why.

I think it was 11:00pm by the time he'd made enough of a nuisance of himself for Timmie to kick him out. By that point, at the very least Harmony, markobellydance, trivialt, Jason, moahb, and Bekki had left. Granted, they all needed to get up in the morning, but I'm reasonably sure Terry rather helped speed the process.

On the other hand, things weren't as grim as they seemed for a bit, because after he left, Eddie, Shawn, and lucydogstringer showed up. Then a bit later, Danielle and Sean, who'd been driven away from Mervyn's by some white-haired wino-type guy that kept howling.

So we apparently successfully passed the pain along to other locations...

And that was the main excitement for the night. We finished 7 rotations at about 1:50am, and the bar did about as well as I'm used to expecting for a Sunday (not that it normally matches that, but it is what I'm used to expecting).

The Denny's group this time was Timmie, myself, supersniffles, foxypinkninja, and kizmet100. Then home, and sleep. I was up for a bit around 10:00am or so, but flopped back into bed shortly (the usual).

I've now been up for a couple of hours, and have gone through the stacks of papers less likely to contain tax info. They didn't - though I did find the numbers on the foreclosure sale. I don't have anything from Ameriquest about the foreclosure, but that doesn't mean they didn't send it - it just means that if they did, it wasn't forwarded. Given the reliability of the USPS forwarding system, well...

I thought of logging onto their website, and checking if there was any online paperwork for my loan, but their website isn't really there anymore. Ameriquest, it appears, is dissolving into nothingness. Watch me cry.

So I'm going to proceed with the assumption that all is kosher from that angle. That may bite me in the ass later, but right now, I've kinda gotta get this thing done.

Of course, right now, I'm going to get myself up, and go in search of food. Priorities, ya know?

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