Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night I eventually got myself up, and out, then met up with kshandra for some Red Lobster and company. That was definitely nice. Having a waitress that works for a vascular surgeon during the day, and serves at Red Lobster at night, was also amusing. Sort of like a dentist that passes out lollipops...

Then back home to pound my head against TurboTax, with no further success. I've now run a complete virus scan (which took all night). It found a couple of potential trojans, but hasn't improved the situation I'm trying to fix.

Ever since I used TweakUI a couple of years ago to bypass the logon screen, some programs haven't loaded properly, so I'm experimenting with returning to a normal logon right now.

Aaaand.... that seems to have done it. At least, more works than has before.

Damn. I'm going to have to actually work on the taxes proper.

Around midnight or so, I got a call from a very drunk timenchanter to join him, k_magic, and snafflekid at the Mini. So, despite still dealing with all the fried food from dinner, I did so, and had much fun (and a hot fudge sundae).

It amused Tim and Kendall to no end that I got an iced tea without even asking for one. What can I say? I'm a greasy spoon VIP, with a platinum frequent fryer card.

Then home, fiddling until around 8:00am, and then some sleep.

I got back up around 1:00pm, and proceeded to slowly get ready to go to my parents'. Timmie and I went up, measured a few things, pounded in a few stakes, built a concrete form, and assembled/disassembled a couple of items. Busy day up at the dome. After a particularly yummy dinner, we came back down to the valley around 9:00pm so Timmie could go sling drinks at the bar.

And I'm seriously considering going to bed. Activity in the sun gives me a headache, and the relative lack of sleep doesn't help either.

I was going to be serenaded to sleep by the blasting mariachi music of the neighbors, accentuated by the dulcet sounds of tone-deaf drunk guy on the microphone (with bonus feedback!), but that cut off suddenly about half an hour ago. Someone, methinks, called the cops. Or they heard it while driving by on the freeway.

Anyway, unconsciousness calls. When I get up, I'll get to tear my room apart looking for relevant tax documents. Woo.

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