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This is not directly a channel-related message, but I assume this will get to someone with an idea of customer relations - and how bad experiences can come back to haunt sales.

I own as Acer Aspire, which has on the whole been a good machine.

On April 15, it simply ceased to function. I used the reasonably convenient support website to arrange for an in-warranty repair, and shipped the unit out (SR 1-260HAJ).

I heard nothing back from the repair facility, which seemed odd, and finally called support on April 26, to find the unit had already been shipped back.

It was in fact delivered on April 27.

I was not able to get to the package until that evening. When I opened the plastic bag containing the unit, the IR port cover fell out. I discovered that the cover didn't fit, the case was distorted, and the CD-ROM drive wouldn't function.

I assumed the case had been improperly closed, wrote up SR 1-2673S0, and shipped it back.

It arrived at the repair facility on the morning of May 2.

Again, I received no communication from the facility.

Assuming a similar turnaround, I called support today to learn that the case had been damaged by impact, not improper assembly (As if I care), and that a hold had been placed on it pending a payment of $449.

That in itself is ridiculous. I'm certainly not paying for damage caused by Acer.

But what truly makes me angry is that (1) no-one attempted to contact me about this, adding a delay of several days, and (2) the attitude of the support person I talked to was "We'll get around to looking into this, and get back to you". I suppose if this kind of fiasco is common, that might be expected.

I have been without a laptop now for 3 weeks, and it looks like it's working on a solid month, in large part due to incompetence in your support department.

I'm not a happy camper. I doubt I'll be a happy camper even if this present attempt to extort money from me is ironed out.

To be quite honest, at this point about the only thing that seems remotely fair is that I be shipped a new unit of the same model, overnight.

I won't hold my breath.

I will, however, shortly start telling this story to all my contacts, and advise them to avoid Acer products at all costs.

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