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Despite stopping for toilet paper (something I'm very glad I did), and getting to the bar 15 minutes late, I was set up and ready to go at 8:30pm. I decided to show a few videos anyway, but I'm pretty sure I got started by 8:45pm. Eh.

At that point, cekyr0 and jeffercine were there, with princesskiti22 following shortly, and a surprise visit by tigercutig! As well as a few others that slip my mind right now (sorry!). The first rotation was 7 people, the second around 11, then Jeff and Alex decided to head home, and I settled in for a slow night.

Which, in true Murphy fashion, did not occur. Around 10:00pm or so, people started pouring in, including moahb and his parents, justnate, vanillaspice (Yay!), trivialt, Jason, and yet more. The following three rotations were about 20 people each, and lasted until 1:30am, at which time enough people left to allow me to finish off a 6th round by 2:08am.

That was good, as it got supersniffles, lucydogstringer, and Shawn (of Shawn and Eddie) a second song.

We also had quite a few people that I've never seen before, which is a very good thing. It was actually crowded in there for a while.

That was nice. The tips were nice, too. I also had a new singer (Peggy) donate money for more Smiths songs, so we have a disc of those on the way (and yes, Keri, it does include Girlfriend in a Coma).

Surprisingly, despite playing quite a few post-show video requests, I was shut down and packed up by 2:45am, and on my way to the Denny's thing with timenchanter, Stanley, Cindi, foxypinkninja, and kizmet100. Fun as always, with the added entertainment of watching the latter two.

Then home, unloading, and sleep. I was, as usual, up for an hour or two around noon, and then slept until 5:00pm or so. I'm starting to feel kind of awake.

And very, very annoyed. Most of my awake time has been dealing with this TurboTax connection issue. At this point, I've discovered that it's not that IE is causing TT to fail to connect - it's that TT is breaking IE. I can run IE fine if I don't run TT first. Once I run TT, though, not only will IE not connect, but I can't access its LAN settings.

TT also hangs if I try to access its network settings. At least it somehow got to the point where I can now click on the menus - so there's been some advancement there.

I've separately downloaded and installed all of TT's updates, just in case, followed some advice on updating IE, and am now running an Ad-Aware scan, in case it's some bizarre malware problem. Not that it's finding anything.

I've enabled and disabled my virus-checker and my firewall, blah, blah, blah, blah. This is just incredibly irksome. And I'm getting hungry, but haven't even gotten in the shower yet, so I'm not likely to make it to the spaghetti feed.

Blah, I say. Blah!

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