Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Some Stuff Done

Monday's show was a fair balance between slow and dead. Slow from the start, around 8:30pm, until 11:00pm-ish, with myself and timenchanter (of course), but also Harmony, moahb, hogarthhughes, vanillaspice (yay!), and snafflekid. I'm pretty sure that was it.

Then, at 11:00pm, foxypinkninja walked in, but Harmony, Noah, Nhât, and Daniel left.

The rotation was the four of us for maybe 3 cycles, and then Elly's voice gave out. Then around 1:25am or so, (I think rotation 16), Timmie decided he didn't want to sing anymore.

So Kendall and I alternated until about 1:45am, at which point I gave up - rotation 19. Timmie then decided to sing Closing Time, and I, well, closed down.

Highlights of the night included my picking 6 songs in a row that Harmony didn't know, and the Kendall song wars. I ran out of songs picked by cekyr0 relatively early on, and had Kendall pick a new set. So we got to alternate finding out what new torture the other had picked for us.

It was honestly a huge amount of fun.

I took forever to shut down, partly because I was downloading and playing clips for the group. But around 2:30am or so all four of us headed off to... wait for it... Denny's, and had a great time talking until just about 4:00am.

Then the usual go home, unload, surf, and eventually sleep stuff.

I actually did get Paula her data, by the method of bringing the data with me, and making/manipulating a spreadsheet. I still need to do a lot more work on the taxes, but at first reading: I am so screwed. My income was twice what I thought last year.

Ah well.

Today I got up a little before noon, and actually made it to my parents' only a little after 2:00pm. More importantly, we made it to the dump on time, so that's one task done. Given that the truck's timing has decided to go way off, and I managed to keep it running, that's somewhat of an accomplishment.

The rest of the day was devoted to dealing with my parents' TV. It's a big plasma with an SD card slot, and my dad wants to display his scanned slides on it. But it scales images slightly oddly, and I spent several hours investigating why, or how.

It'll take a while to figure out, too. Especially since, honestly, it's one of the lowest priority things on my list right now, and my list is fairly long...

The usual nice dinner, yada yada yada.

I left there around 10:30pm, and realized halfway down the hill that I was somehow hungry again. Hence my present location.

The dragonfire chicken is really good.

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