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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

After my last post I wandered kinda aimlessly through three stores (Cost Plus, Target, and Fry's, if you must know, which I rather doubt), then came home and somehow did enough nothing much to keep me awake until 4:00am or so.

Then some sleep, followed by that damned "waking" thing around noon. timenchanter was remarkably eager to rush off to moahb's birthday picnic. I mean, I understand wanting to go, but he wanted to get there early, man!

I don't think it was perversity that made me get lost on the way there. Never know, though. We were, in fact, almost an hour late, when all the dust settled. And earlier than quite a number of the other guests.

It was, of course, a fun time with a great group of people. I'd spent a while trying to figure out where I'd put my frisbee - and failing - but I needn't have worried. We had something like 12. At several points groups of us were tossing them back and forth in what felt for all the world like a game of frisbee dodgeball.

As the sun fell, it started getting chilly, so we all repaired to Noah's place, where we were met by vanillaspice, just driven up from SoCal. Sadly, he'll only be with us for a couple of days before starting the Great Eastward Migration, but we'll all take what we can get.

There was quite a bit of watching of movies. I've now seen at least most of Burton's version of "Sweeney Todd." He definitely does the story justice, and the casting is superb, as are the sets, but I'm kinda pissed at how many songs were cut out or shortened. I'll get over it.

Then we watched "Across The Universe." Second time now, both times with an attractive woman (princesskiti22 and I were sharing the couch) (Squee!). It's possible that it's because this time the movie was on a huge flat-panel display, but I swear it was even better the second time around. I may have to own that one. Possibly play it on a permanent loop in my room.

After that, there was some TV playing (mostly "Blade Trinity" in the living room, and "Serenity" back in Noah's room), and people started to wind down. They were just starting yet another movie, and I just decided to go home.

It was after midnight, which doesn't mean much, but I think my introversion was kicking in. Especially since movies are emotional rollercoasters for me - quite draining. It meant I had to leave the proximity of Daniel and Keri, which was wrenching, but my stability was not all that high.

Timmie elected to stay.

Several hours at the Duplex passed, surfing and munching on pistachios.

Around 4:20am, Timmie messaged me, asking if I could possibly come pick him up - heartburn was keeping him awake, and he'd prefer to be at home. At 4:37am, I was out in front of Noah's.

At 4:45am, I gave up and came back home, after he didn't respond to a phone call and several texts. I'd have knocked on the door, but all the lights were out, and I knew several people were sleeping over, and I don't wake everybody up for something like this. Dunno what happened, and I'm mildly pissed off. Our last text exchange was at 4:26am, and even I can stay awake for 11 minutes when someone is coming to pick me up.

Part of me hopes that he's going to have a decent excuse for this, like, say, "I was busy choking on my own vomit."

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Mood: annoyedannoyed

I thought "Phantom of the Opera" was OK, but then, that's the only one of these where I haven't seen the original. My only complaint, in fact, was that I thought Gerard Butler's performance was weak.

"Rent" is a whole 'nother can of worms. It wasn't so much adapted to the screen as thrown on.

With "Sweeney," well, I'm somewhat limited that I missed most of the latter half due to a liquor run. From what I saw, the only true complaint I have is that Judge Turpin seems to have been presented as a simple monster, as opposed to the much more complex character of the show. Since I personally think that the fact that he knows of, and battles with, his personal demons is part of the whole point, well...