Bruce (kor27) wrote,


After my last (real) post I... went back to bed.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned what's going on, but if not: I need to do my taxes (who doesn't? Well, apart from those who already have). Mine are relatively complex, not just because of the businesses, but also because of the house foreclosure last year, and a largish settlement.

I have no idea how any of that will turn out, or even if I'll be able to figure out how to do it (especially the house). Add to that the fact that I haven't... exactly... been paying the feds and state their quarterly pounds of flesh...

And have almost nothing in the bank right now...

Let's just say it's a scary period for me. timenchanter has been gracious enough to offer to loan me whatever I might need to pay off the ravening wolves, but I haven't yet figured out what that is.

And, as an accomplished procrastinator, I've been able to almost completely avoid actually investigating the subject. The most I've done is buy TurboTax. It's sitting next to my desktop.

So. Yesterday was going to be a major "work on that crap" day for me, because (1) Tuesdays are frequently my only fully free day of the week, and (2) If Timmie were to write me a check, it would likely have a two-week hold slapped on it.

So, after sleeping until near midnight, an overly expensive dinner at TGIFriday's, hanging around in my room, and yet more sleep, I can proudly proclaim that I still haven't done a damn thing on the subject.

Though it probably had something to do with the vividness of the nightmares...

And I'm, uh, getting some laundry done. That counts for something, right?

I'll be climbing in the shower shortly, and generally getting ready to head to the Hamptons. I'll probably seem a little distracted. I'll likely be more than a little drunk.

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