Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I of course slept for most of yesterday afternoon, and a fair portion of the evening. In fact, I got to the bar at around 7:50pm, which was just not right - though I can at least point to picking up rue_gingertabby at the Mountain View light rail station as a minor delay.

Whatever. Apart from timenchanter, we were the only people there when I parked. Though by the time I was ready to go at 8:30pm, there were about 6 people signed up, including cekyr0 and jeffercine.

The first rotation expanded to about 11 people, a large fraction of them out to see Beckah. An at least mostly straight group, out celebrating their friend Tracy's birthday, showed up during the second rotation, which then expanded to 21 people.

That's kind of unheard of on a Monday.

We also had quite a few regulars - the always lovely candiddani, for one. The also lovely jorgitoelcubano, for another. As well as koc_hex, moahb, and hogarthhughes. Heh heh heh. Nhât put in what was going to be his only song, then stuck around to sing two more.

We even had a return visit from blankreloaded! Though he kind of muffed his tip-gathering strategy. The story last night was that "everyone that puts in a dollar gets put in a drawing to date Bruce." He was pointing at the jar and crowing about it later when I pointed out that he hadn't taken down any names...

I finished off celticnoor's list of suicide songs (Who Put The Bomp? Really?), and then started in on a new list put together by Alex. I knew I was in trouble when he started laughing evilly while compiling it.

All-in-all an excellent evening. A couple of the people from the "Tracy" group were quite good singers (Justin and Mike), and a couple of them (I believe Mike again, and Pamela) danced to a large number of the songs, in quite a variety of styles.

The rotation slowly shrank to a more normal size as the evening progressed, so I was able to fit 7 in before closing at about 2:04am.

The bar did extremely well, and so did I, both from the bar, and from tips. I managed to shut down and load up reasonably rapidly (I was out of there by 2:35am), then sped over to supersniffles's place for yet more fun with XP! Woo!

The good news is that her computer is now largely functional, and everyone's personal data has been restored. Programs still need to be reinstalled, as do people's individual settings, and I need to figure out how to get rid of the now 3 non-functional extra copies of Windows, but it's mostly there.

Well, updates are still a question. It stalled during the download of Service Pack 2, and then started giving me errors every time I tried after that (probably because I, um, set the clock during the process...), but I have definite hope.

That took until 7:00am. Cindi tottered off to bed, and I tottered off to my car, and thence to the Duplex to unload and head for bed. I was helped in the unloading by someone starting up their car - the rack was unloaded from mine, and put in my room, before I had time to think about how painful the process is.

Not much yet today. I woke up around noon, threw on some clothes, and walked next door to pay the rent. Then, since I was hungry, I went out and grabbed some Taco Bell.

Followed by more sleep. And now I'm up. And hungry again. Must do something about that...

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