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Bruce [userpic]
So She's Not Dead Yet...

The ex just invited me to join her community of friends at Tagged, a community site I've never heard of before.

I'm honestly not sure what I should do.

I'm still quite fond of her, and have a great deal of respect for her intelligence, and in many cases her integrity.

But she's always had the most amazing ability to make me feel like shit. And that was from way before the divorce.

And honestly, I think I do a fine enough job of that on my own.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: weirdweird

Is this the ex that I named my old car after?

No, this is the one I was married to for near two decades.

I don't mention her name because it was fairly unique, and would show up on web searches.

I just don't want to have to take my blog private. And with her capacity for constantly confrontational behavior, I would.

NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo............. No.

You got divorced for a reason. Why in the world would you want to stay in contact with someone who "had the most amazing ability to make me feel like shit.?

Don't do it, man.

Yeah, well, what can I say? I'm not so good at demonizing old lovers, and I remember the good times as well as the bad.

On the other hand, I did feel at least mildly suicidal at least once almost every single week we were together. My capacity for masochism occasionally surprises me.

Part of it is that I'd just like to know if she finally wrested her money from Ameriquest. If she did, I'm only on the hook for at most $20k...

That does not mean that you have to join her community. Just communicate via email like the rest of us. You're not demonizing her by refusing to join; you're protecting yourself and your interests (namely: sanity).

Don't do it, Brucie. We need you happy, healthy and whole.

Ah, yes, my elusive sanity...

I suppose I should protect what I have left. :-)

Put it in a thimble, packed it carefully so that it doesn't rattle...

I dunno... That's an awfully big container...

Wow, that first is almost like a line from the season semi-finale of Smallville this week when good friend Chloe spoke of how people take advantage of Clark's inherent need to find good in all people, and his ability to forgive.

You don't get enough exposure to the yellow sun to keep Kryptonian powers charged up.

Heh - I seem to be more of the anti-Kryptonian.

The accursed Daystar - it burns!!!

I agree with this.



Luv ya Bruce =)


You're saying a guarded "maybe"?

Love ya too!

Re: Soooooo....


Bruce, Even though I'm not divorced, I've got 2 ex Boyfriends that still live in the same state. One who is locked up somewhere in Placerville, and the other one used to work at Target on Hillsdale in San Jose. It was ooh so fun going in there to make fun of the SOB. (he was an abusive asshole until Josh pointed that out)(Thanks Josh! I love you) But If I were you, I would SOOO not join her community. Your friends are right, you got divorced for a reason, and we need you around for funny jokes, and if you weren't around we would be the only straight couple at the bar!

Good to know I make another straight couple! ;-)

You do. Who else can talk to Josh about sound stuff and strange thing about girls! And you 2 are the only ones that have long hair at the bar....who are guys. :)

Tagged has three definitions:

To be riddled with graffiti
To be involved in a car accident
To be the loser who is now "it"

Pick the most appropriate for your ex.

That's awesome. Good job, hon!

Given her, the first thought I had referred to me, and involved being fitted with a tracking device...

She's spent a lot of time trying to find the secret job I've been keeping from her, so she can hit me with a support order.

Of course, there is no such secret job...

do you remember that time....

Sounds like she is not yet over things and may want to rehash/reconnect/get money/have her way...
Are you over it and past it completly?
Do you have a need to reconnect and open all those old wounds inorder to "heal"?

And if the above has not convinced you along with your own statement of how easily she made you feel like shit...remember the world does not spin in reverse for a reason.

You can't go back, only forward, so why try...besides you seem so much healthier and happy now, why risk contact with a person who has and could so easily de-rail you?

Well just my thoughts, you know we will all support you what ever you decide. In my case, the only reason I speak to my x is because we have kids, I know how bad for me he is. wink wink :-)

Re: do you remember that time....