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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

I didn't do too much of value Friday afternoon, but I did make it to the bar just a little after 7:00pm, which meant I was finally able to get together with Paula on upcoming events and changes to the calendar.

Then I joined timenchanter for dinner at Yo Yo Sushi, shopped a bit at MicroCenter for a replacement CPU cooler for one of my computers (Whose CPU keeps declaring it's about to faint from the heat), found a quiet, cheap one, then rejoined Timmie at the bar.

It was a reasonably nice Friday at Koc. Nothing all that busy, but at least for most of the night large parts of the bar proper had people at them. The DJ was Dennis, who'd been there a few weeks back. Not too bad at all.

Of course I was off in a booth with the laptop, in this case applying the changes written down earlier to the bar website.

That sorta took all night. Not that updating the website is all that incredibly difficult. But it involved including an image of the flier that Lokesh had provided me, which was HUGE (952 pixels wide), but included some address text in the corner that was teeny-tiny. Which meant just shrinking the image would make the text illegible. This, of course, was a challenge.

A lesser man would have just requested a smaller image from the source. The true geek, however, downloads and installs GREYCstoration, creates a mask of the old text, uses the -inpaint option to restore the background, then recreates the text.

That took a while. Especially since at the beginning, I couldn't remember the correct buzzword (inpaint) or program name. But I was able to track it down anyway, thank Google™!

I finished up just as Timmie was turning off the lights. Then I did another Denny's run with Timmie, foxypinkninja, and Paul, where much fun and deep-fried food was had by all.

Then home and, remarkably, sleep.

I got up around noon on Saturday, somewhat got prepared for the day, entertained the trivialt by phone for an hour, then grabbed some fast food before heading up to the 'rents. My good deed for the day was trying to adjust the propane heater in their living room. Time will tell if I got anywhere.

I left there to join the group and say hello to candiddani at City Lights. Timmie, celticnoor, markobellydance, Paul and I were there to see Lysistrata - well, the local modern adaptation.

It was pretty funny, and had the bonus of the occasional bit of mild female nudity, including by jeffercine's friend Molly. There were definitely a few community theater aspects, but also some very strong performers, and overall an extremely enjoyable experience. And yes, it would still have been an enjoyable experience without the nudity. Sheesh.

From there we migrated to Hunter's, where we were joined eventually by Lisa and a large fraction of the cast. Amusingly, Robin, of the cast, recognized me from a suicide Monday (and I started to realize that yes, she did look familiar), and Ron, the (I think) director set designer and builder remembered me from a Denny's run about a year ago with spawrhawk. I think 777echelon was also in that group...

We ended up hanging out in the patio, where it was possible (barely) to speak for an hour or two, when I decided (around 12:30am) that I was hungry, said my goodbyes, figured out where I'd parked my car, and flitted over to the Mini for some good, cheap, greasy spoon food.

Then home, and some remarkably early sleep, which I'm sure will resume shortly.

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Thanks for the correction. And you do know how to get people interested in the arts...

I actually left shortly after Gabe arrived, and got the chance to hug him. :-)

You wound me, dear, in assuming I'm just... oh, who the hell am I kidding?

Though I do quite enjoy the arts even without luscious... naked... female...


And speaking of luscious, yay! See you in a few! :-)

Wanna aim for a degree?
There are faculty advisors in astronomy who would be quite willing to engage someone who has an O/C need to do detailed image processing.

Tempting, those most of my image processing background is in printing. I'm still upset that SII closed their doors before I was able to give that talk on print medium darkness encoding...

My problem is that they tend to not, y'know, pay for the work...