Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Just Desserts

Despite my words, my first main action after my last post was to climb back into bed, from which I didn't emerge until something like 7:30pm. I "rushed" through getting ready for the day (I was hungry), and so was already in the shower when timenchanter called to invite me to join him and trivialt at Taxi's.

Unfortunately, I wasn't out and dressed until 8:50pm, and they close at 9:00pm, so I headed up to On The Border, instead, and had a pleasant, if solitary meal, just myself and the rectangular girlfriend.

So pleasant that against all sanity, I ordered dessert. Their chocolate empanadas are delicious. OK, one of their chocolate empanadas is delicious. Unfortunately, the standard order involves four.

And being my insane self, I ate all of them. They were there, after all. I blame most everything that followed on eating those bombs of starch, chocolate, and cinnamon goodness. I mean, I can't blame the rain...

I rolled out of the restaurant, feeling like I had to do something, so I did what I usually do when I feel the need for exercise: I drove up 101 to the 380, then back down the 280 to the 880, then home. Refreshed from my run, and feeling much better, I set up in my room, and feeling a little drowsy, went back to bed.

Has anyone ever mentioned that lying down with an overfull stomach of chocolate is a bad idea? No? Well, it is. I'll spare the more unsavory details, but I will mention that breathing was more than a little difficult at least once. That got me out of bed. And the dreams...

I was back living in Los Gatos with my parents, and my mom had just argued loudly with my dad, and to all appearances, had simply moved out. Without telling me anything. Actually, I was supposedly just remembering that dream from the previous night (fourth wall? What fourth wall?).

I'd come across a pile of glassware that needed putting away (on the living room couch?), but couldn't figure out quite where it went, because it all kinda looked like the normal glassware, but was shaped slightly differently. Then I started crying...

And that's only the one I can remember. I got out of bed at something like 8:30am, because my head hurt, my sides hurt (I could only sleep in one position, and eventually that gets to be a bit much), and logically, I needed to get out of bed. It wasn't helping.

This had to war with my normal tendencies, because my normal reaction to a headache is to go to sleep. It works wonderfully except in those rare occasions where the sleep is the source of the headache.

Actually, I still want to go back to sleep, and I may try it. At least right now the only thing in my stomach is a Cup'O'Noodles.

In totally unrelated news, the new speaker stands arrived today. They aren't all I hoped for, but I believe they'll do. I was quite fortunate in catching the delivery guy, not in that he wasn't leaving them, but that, like the previous delivery, he was leaving them in such a way that they blocked me from opening the door. In this case, ingeniously positioned so that opening the door would require me taking out one of the landlord's shrubberies...

Anyway, I'll likely set up using my speakers as well tomorrow night, just to practice setup. Also to see what it sounds like with everything on, since I didn't try that last week.

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