Bruce (kor27) wrote,

More Fun

I really meant to get more sleep yesterday. I even started nodding off. Then Eddie called me. Neither of his two buses had arrived, and he was casting about for people to take him to work.

So I threw some clothes on, and after only getting lost three times, picked him up and took him to his gym in Mountain View. Or Sunnyvale. Hard to tell, sometimes.

He bought me lunch, and slipped me a ridiculously large amount of money. I should possibly get into the taxi business...

Then I drove home, where my new discs were awaiting me. That took the rest of the afternoon.

I got to the bar just about on time, got set up and... waited. cekyr0 and jeffercine walked in at about 9:00pm, so I had enough people to start, so I, well, did.

From that point on, people walked in, and I had generally about 7 people in the rotation. Almost always a different 7 people, mind you. Alex and Jeff lasted for about 3 rounds, Eme and Karen came back, and stayed for maybe 5. celticnoor showed up just as Alex and Jeff were driving away, and despite all good intentions, stayed all night.

We had a new person, Elly, who appears to be living in sjgrrrl's old apartment in Gay Melrose. She was celebrating her birthday, and in fact ended the night with a little too much celebration. She got drunk enough to sing a song at something like midnight.

Parts of the magazine crew showed up. Apparently they're now staying in the area for a month or two - but will be changing hotels. So we may or may not be seeing them.

On the whole, it felt like a fairly typical Monday night. Never a huge number of people, but at least enough for others to talk to. I ran out of the songs selected for me last Monday, and got Kristi to pick out a new set. She did a great job of making sure I didn't feel guilty about anything I picked for her...

But at least I got to verify that I still suck at Bootylicious.

The funny thing is that we made a very reasonable amount of money. In fact, despite Sunday, bar income for the weekend was about 5% up from average. Go figure.

I finished off the 12th and final rotation at about 1:50am, and then (with supersniffles's help), shut down pretty rapidly. At around 2:30am, timenchanter, Cindi, Kristi, Elly, and I did the Denny's thing. OK, Elly wasn't really there, but Timmie was worried about leaving her alone in her state, so she curled up at the end of the table, while we made sure she was still breathing.

Then we all dispersed towards our separate places, with Timmie taking the side trip to drop Elly off. Then the usual home, unload, surf, and sleep. I feel like I could do more of the latter, but every time I climb in bed I just lay there awake.

So I guess I'm up for the day. Or at least a few hours...

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