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Baby Steps

I at least managed to swim against the tide today.

I've talked to someone else at the bank about the bad check - they've done something else. I don't know if the situation has been improved, but it has been changed.

I have a court date (In June) to try to convince a judge to give me the time necessary to complete traffic school.

Various bills have been paid, including the 2 month late primary phone bill.

I don't know what it is about me and bills, lately. I just keep on putting off paying them day by day. For several months, I paid them about once a month. Last time, it was about a month and a half. I've gotta stop pulling this shit.

But all those I've received to date have been mailed, Mena's picked up and brought home, and I just finished a very nice crêpe at the Great Mall.

I'm gonna take a stroll around the mall, then head off to the show.

I should actually be on time, for once.

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