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Bruce [userpic]
Christian Persecution

I was feeling hungry, so against all probability, I was up and ready to go this afternoon by 2:00pm.

I dropped by kshandra's place, said hi to her and gridlore, then took her out to verify that at 2:30pm on Easter Sunday, one can get seated immediately at Olive Garden.

Kirsten wanted to check on something at the Apple store, so we headed across the street to the mall to find...

Everything closed. Oddly. The mall was open, but the individual stores were shuttered.

Swatted down by those poor persecuted Christians again...

After I dropped her off at home, I checked a couple of places. Valley Fair: ghost town. Fry's: not even that lively.

It's not that I mind people taking holidays. It's just that I'm positive that many of the people going "Of course! It's Easter!" would be at least miffed at a store being shut down for Eid Al-Fitr or Diwali...

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Daniel and I tried to go to See's, at Newpark, today only to stop at a sign which read "The mall is closed, but Red Robin is open".

At least your MALL was open :P

The mall was open, but all the stores were closed.

I guess if you're not going to feel any christian guilt that day, they need to impose guilt on you anyway: for not checking if stores are open, before they are.

Or... if you're not guilty about pissing off the other hopefuls in your car, or about burning more fuel to destroy the environment with...

Ha! I slay me! (ha ha!)

It was a little disconcerting trying to find an open Walmart in the Midwest. Eventually we found an open one in New York but it was pretty deserted.

That really sounds like you were in the midwest yesterday morning, looking for an open Walmart, and gradually drove (Walmart by Walmart) to NY before finding an open one...

Wasn't exactly a Walmart by Walmart search but when the next reststop is 60 miles away and the gas station/gift shop won't let us use thier bathroom without purchasing something Walmart was the most convenient place. But gah! it was closed. Our next foray to Walmart was in upstate New York to try and find an open gas station in the early AM. Apparently upstate New York gas stations open at 4:30 AM.

Well for the record, this persecuting Christian was uber annoyed that Macy's was closed!!!!!

That is all :)

Sorry to hear you were annoyed.

I'm trying desperately to imagine you persecuting anyone. The solid best I can do is imagining you threatening to pout at someone if they don't act nice...

Well I will take that as a compliment, because I don't think Jesus ever persecuted anyone, and if I don't at least TRY to follow in his footsteps, I may as well just give up, right?

It was definitely meant as a compliment, dear. Since it was me, I meant it independently of your Christianity: I believe you're truly a nice person.

I also personally believe you'd be that way independent of your world view. I realize there's a possibility you may disagree with me on that...

As I think I've mentioned before, I at one point came to the realization that many of my problems with Christianity were more with whatever religion happens to be prevalent.

An amazing number of people will use their world view as an excuse - frequently a rather badly formed one - to back up their hatreds. I mean, the Nazis used Darwinism as an excuse for genocide.