Bruce (kor27) wrote,


After the bar closed Friday night, timenchanter, celticnoor and I had a relaxing dinner at Denny's, then parted - they to Kristi's, where Timmie was spending the night prior to helping with the garage sale, myself to the Duplex and my bed.

For whatever reason, I stayed up until 6:00am just fiddling around on the net. Then some sleep, and back up around noon, and yet more fiddling.

I finally got myself to my parents' place around 3:30pm, and discovered what my dad wanted to discuss with me.

His latest idea is that I should become a publisher - somehow weasel my way into eBooks and Print-On-Demand. Which means I now have until next Saturday to investigate such.

He's always coming up with things like that - at least this one is a job I could do. I can edit reasonably well, and I think I have a good eye for quality work. The problem being that there are several established print-on-demand houses, and anyone can publish an eBook. While I could definitely get myself a niche, and even add value, it feels like it would take 5-10 years of intense focus to get anywhere at all in the business.

I'm not that good at intense focus...

Anyway. I left the dome around 6:00pm, then zoomed over to Dave&Buster's for vanillaspice's farewell party. Bit of a fiasco, actually. I think the moral of the story is: Never take a large party to Dave&Buster's on a weekend unless you have reservations. We were quite a large group, and ended up getting seated at different times in different places. Most of the Collective didn't even get to sit down until near 10:00pm, and then our waiter kinda sucked.

Food was good, though. The food at that place is far from fantastic, but it's definitely good.

Then we all adjourned to the arcade, where we all played different things - a largish group of us, including Daniel, spent a lot of time playing the trivia game. I discovered that it doesn't help to know the right answer if you keep hitting the wrong button...

Around midnight or so, Daniel cashed in a large fraction of our winnings, and then bought shot glasses for everyone. By 12:30am, we headed home.

I was up until maybe 2:00am, mostly reading the online ElfQuest archives. Definitely a guilty pleasure - and i have to admit to having most of the first series somewhere in a box...

Then sleep, and now I'm back up, I think for the day. I even have vague hopes of getting something useful done this afternoon.

On a separate note, I got a call from Paula last night, and I apparently have to make a lot of changes to the website. She's canceled several things - including the Infirmary, which explains a comment - because "they weren't making enough money".

Which I would fully sympathize with, except I don't think she has any replacements for those nights...

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