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Moon Phase

January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

Shortly after my last post, timenchanter made it home, and expressed an interest in food. So I got myself clean and ready, and we got ourselves to the Valley Fair Cheesecake Factory, where we satisfied our hunger.

And then some. It was the Cheesecake Factory, after all.

Then a quick run through the mall to get Timmie a case for his phone, and back to the Duplex, where he got himself together and headed off to the bar.

I followed a little more slowly, since I only had to be there for DJ setup. I was still wandering through Fry's when the main DJ for the night (Lokesh) called me.


So to the bar, where I've been ever since. This particular group is pretty good. Most everyone I've talked to (except for (annoying) Bob) has liked the music.

Interesting evening. They brought in a number of their own people (we even had a full dance floor a couple of times!), but there were also various visits - at one point with electrichobbit, moahb, cekyr0, and vanillaspice here for near an hour. Quite unexpected.

The visit 20 minutes after they left by celticnoor was equally unexpected, but certainly no less welcome.

The quick visit by supersniffles was also nice...

So I've been hanging out, some of my time on the laptop, sometimes not, and most of it trying to sober up. I really shouldn't have had that third twisted lemonade.

But (annoying) Bob was buying...

And I haven't even mentioned the talks with Jason, alphaba, Betsy, and Nick.

Honestly, though, I'm tired, and I'd happily go home right now, but I want to make sure shutdown goes OK.

I especially don't want Wayne to see how high one can set the amps.

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Paula is such an idiot I would expect her to only care what Bob thinks..Im not bitter..really..


What's going on?

It was a drive-by Buffying!