Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Mostly Success

Last night's show kept going quite nicely. Some of the magazine crew did show not too long after my last post, as did others - the number of total singers for the night grew to around 25. Bar income was such that Paula actually smiled.

I ended the show at about 2:04am, after 5 rotations and change. Then princesskiti22 and I split a rather nice pot of tips, I shut down and packed (with more of jeffercine's help), and headed over to supersniffles's.

The house sound system, and my connection to it, performed flawlessly. My only regret is that I didn't play with having my speakers in tandem to the house ones, just to see how it sounded. Well, and to prove it would actually work. There's actually a tiny bit of doubt, depending how the source is wired...

In fact I should test that. Time to haul the speakers in onto my bed.

Anyway. Cindi made me bacon and pancakes, and I got down to the subject of putting her new system together. A couple of hours later, it's... better...

It at least makes it to - and through - the BIOS boot. Of course, when it starts to bring up XP, it pops right back into the BIOS, even in safe mode. It's possibly a RAM problem, possibly something else. Like, y'know, the motherboard being completely different. It doesn't help that I can't get all drives recognized at the same time.

In order to deal with the whole "lack of second IDE" connection, I bought a couple of Vantec SATA to IDE converters, and tried hooking up various pieces using those. It... sorta worked. Either one of the converters, or SATA connector 2 on the board, doesn't function. Unfortunately I didn't try changing it around.

So by 6:20am when I gave up for the night and staggered out the door, things were in, well, better condition than they had been. More joy for next week.

Then I got home, unloaded, and couldn't get myself to go to sleep. I finally passed out at something like 8:00am, then woke up about an hour ago.

The tasks for today are somewhat lighter: Get dressed, have a relaxing dinner, then deal with the DJs at the bar for tonight. Lokesh is a good DJ, but not incredibly technically minded. I'll probably get him set up, then sit and surf in a corner. Who knows? Maybe I'll even update the bar website...

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