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The last day has been fairly active. After my last post, I decided to forgo more sleep, and instead get a few things done.

I ordered some new speaker stands. These have pneumatic lowering, and will hopefully help me avoid future finger mashes and speaker drops.

I got groceries for dinner_and, mailed back the motherboard that didn't work with supersniffles's computer, then got the necessary parts to try fixing that again at MicroCenter and Central Computers.

Then through traffic to the Hamptons, and a fine evening of fun, food, and women upset (and not) due to my use of a noun...

My memory of the night is kinda fuzzy, due more to lack of sleep than alcohol - I only had one drink. I had the usual run of pleasant conversations, a few with a friend of Katie's - Sarah?

And of course, we all basked in the presence of electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano, much as I am right now.

I left around 1:30am, managed to stay awake for the drive home, climbed into bed and passed out.

I woke up for a little bit some time during the morning, then fell back asleep, and didn't get back up until 3:00pm.

And then tried to get something done before the show. With some success. Two loads of laundry, the trash cleaned out of my room (there was a scary amount of trash in there...), and the ¼" jacks soldered onto cables, and the whole assembly installed in the rack. Of course, my intent had been to get to the bar at 7:00pm, and in the end I didn't make it until 7:45pm, but, well, that's how it goes.

Most of the delay was, of course, the soldering job. The interesting part was that I'd bought a cable to cut in two for the two plug ends of the assembly. Turns out it was a coax cable, with a braided ground (Monster may be overpriced, but they do make a good cable). This meant I spent quite a while, well, combing out the braided copper. I've never played hairdresser for an electrical connection before...

When I got to the bar, I set up fairly rapidly with jeffercine's help. Since I didn't know if I'd fixed the noise problem (Keri says hi!), I also set up and ran cables to my speakers.

So far, everything seems to be going well with the house system. In fact, it sounds damn good.

Who knows what the problem actually was. I'm beginning to suspect dirt...

With all that, I didn't start the singing until about 8:40pm. Of course, at that point, the rotation was myself, Jefferson, princesskiti22 (say squee!), and moahb. But the rotation grew fairly rapidly to 11, and is at 17 right now. So it's a reasonably busy night, but not exactly crowded.

Jenni's back, and brought Paulina and several friends with her. Otherwise, it's about the usual - apart from a tranny who apparently was here the week I wore dresses, and is rather disappointed I'm not this time. The magazine kids haven't shown up so far, though tankgirl just did...

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