Bruce (kor27) wrote,

A Night of Oldies

Yesterday was a lazy afternoon - as opposed to my usual intense activity-filled ones. I woke up around 5:00pm, and got out of bed at maybe 6:00pm.

By 8:00pm I was ready for the day, and meandered down to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory, where I started to have a nice, relaxed dinner with the laptop.

Then Paula called. She has a new karaoke person coming in for a few Tuesdays and Fridays (though apparently she won't be permanent), and I'd either never written down, or never gotten final confirmation for her first day.

And they couldn't figure out how to hook into the bar video.

If you've never had to do phone tech support for Paula, be very, very happy. Fifteen minutes and 20 different tries at wording the same thing later, it was working.

So I gulped down my chicken piccata, and made my way to Mountain View.

It was so cute. The KJ's named Julie, though her friend Dana is the one that can work the equipment. She does have 4 remote mics, which is cool, though I'm not sure how long they're going to last (If you shake them slightly, you can hear a rattling sound through the speakers). Looks like the set she bought is probably the Vocopro UHF-5805. Again, they work reasonably well, and the sound reproduction is quite decent, but Vocopro isn't known for lasting very long.

The most amusing thing, though, is her player - she has a single disc CD/DVD player which takes forever to load, so it can take more than a minute of silence between songs as they load the new disc, wait for it to be recognized, then select the track number using the remote.

Granted, I worked for years with a single disc system. But for some reason CD/DVD systems take a lot longer to decide what kind of disc is inserted.

But whatever. They're nice people, their book, though not particularly large, isn't all that small, either, and they definitely have the right attitude - they just want people to have fun.

They're also where my missing book went - Paula apparently loaned it to them. Good to know.

It actually was a fairly busy night. They brought in their own little crowd, about 6 people singing oldies. I haven't heard that much Patsy and Frank in a while. But on top of that, the magazine sales crew from Sunday came in. The whole crew this time, including the girls.

They're really nice kids, though still kind of annoying in their, well, normalcy. Terry kept high-fiving me, apparently for the purpose of high-fiving someone. Dave wouldn't give up the mic, again. Though it was kind of fun singing Boyz in the Hood with him.

The girls sang I Will Survive and Baby Got Back - as a group, of course.

And off-key.

Dave's girlfriend is this cute little slip of a thing with strangely large boobs named (snrk!) Britney...

Actually, since he kept insisting on calling her his Old Lady, for all I know they're married.

Though I do have to say one thing - just as I was leaving, Dave hi-jacked the mic again, and had Latoya recite a poem of hers from memory. A piece she wrote about addiction recovery.

It was breathtakingly beautiful, both in writing and delivery.

So again, they're a really nice group of kids, and, like all people, have hidden and unexpected sides. I still won't be able to recognize a single one of them in a couple of weeks.

bluize was bartending, and moonshae is in town for the week, so I got to say hi to her. Kris was... in a mood. I'm not certain what's going on, but I haven't heard her rant this disjointedly since she quit. For whatever reason, she left early, leaving Paula holding down the bar.

Good thing the kids were drinking beer.

Shawn and Eddie also showed up for a bit. Eddie's still got some fairly bad back pain, but seems to be getting better. I had to reassure Shawn that he wasn't cheating on me when he sang...

I left there a little after 1:30am, and made my way home, where I picked up timenchanter, who'd spent almost all day watching Buffy, and took him out to Carrows for some nutrition. I was still recovering from dinner, so I just had a slice of pie.

Heck, I'm still recovering from dinner.

Then home, and some sleep, somewhat marred by the aforesaid dinner. I don't remember the dreams much, but I do know they were odd, and dark. Creatures lurking in huge subterranean... libraries?

On the noise front: I grabbed my connecting cables while I was there, and examined them pretty closely. All the solder joints seem perfectly fine. Dammit. I'm still going to do a couple of things to the system, but I'll be showing up with my speakers again, tomorrow, just in case.

Moral for yesterday: Never call a woman a C***** (note that's 6 letters), even in mild jest. She'll growl, snarl, rip your throat out, and feed on your steaming flesh...

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