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It Just Keeps Coming

On the good side, stormmonkey's moved out, just at the last minute.  Her dog run's still here, but I don't particularly care.  She'll be back for it eventually.  The related "She" drama was minor - a few minor yells, a violently slammed door or two, and some heavy stomping.  Quite within the expected.

And I had a great dinner with Stuart and his mother Esther.

On the other hand, while I was picking up the mail, and arranging to have them start delivering again (No dog!  Guaranteed!), I noticed a letter from the Santa Clara Superior Court.

Back in April of 2004, I got a speeding ticket.  I got the normal paperwork, it was iffy if I could get traffic school (The timing was slightly tight), but I paid that amount, anyway.

I never heard anything back.  I'd in fact been given the impression that the ticket was in the DMV system, so I assumed they just disqualified me, and kept the slight difference in money.

Well, I've just been told I have 10 days to prove I've gone to traffic school, or they'll release the data.  I of course got this info at about 4:15, and the court clerks go home at 4:00, so I have yet another bureaucratic snafu to deal with tomorrow.


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