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Bruce [userpic]
Some Stuff

I got out of the house at something like 4:30pm yesterday, and did the two things I really needed to: Getting more shampoo (at Costco), and getting some gas (the same). I might have been late, but I was running on fumes for both.

Well, I also deposited my check for the Friday night show. That wasn't vital (like shampoo), but I feel a lot safer when the money isn't on a piece of paper I can lose.

After fighting through the typical Costco lines, I got up to the dome at about 6:00pm.

I was sorta saved by the fact that they were waiting for their friend Xavier, the French son of some other friends of theirs (who I'm sure I'm supposed to remember). He was supposed to be there for dinner, but hadn't yet showed.

I installed the new new memory in the laptop, and had it recognized this time - so my dad's laptop boots in more like a minute, as opposed to 10. Why in the world Fujitsu sold a laptop with both XP and 256Mb, I'll never know. They've had the thing for ages, but still, I could swear XP isn't supposed to be happy with less than 512Mb. It certainly wasn't in this case.

Then they presented me with an envelope full of cash. When they decided to sell their old generator, they told me I could sell it and keep the money. Then they sold it themselves to someone they knew, and I... got to keep the money. If you ever wonder why I can act like an entitled brat, now you know.

The rest of the evening was sort of awkward, because I wasn't all there. Just incredibly tired - almost like I'd been at a couple of parties, one of them working, the other handling emotional issues, until 6:00am...

So I didn't say much, and mostly just silently helped my mom with dinner and cleanup.

At something like 10:30pm, they told me to go home and get some sleep. Also that my dad wants to have a "serious conversation" with me next Saturday (Oh boy).

So I got home, and, surprisingly, got into bed just at the stroke of midnight. With the very odd effect of having just woken up in darkness. I'm not used to waking up in darkness. It kind of freaked me out. Actually, it still is.

Friggin' daylight savings...

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Oh dear a "serious talk"? I hope they're not fishing for grandkids. But I'm sure you've had that talk a few time too. Don't you just love it saying....."I've got to talk to you but it can wait allllllllllllll week" You're on pins and needles or thinking the worst. Aren't parents great!

They gave up on the grandkids long ago - and adopted an Indian family so they could have "virtual" grandkids.

It's cute. They're at most all family get-togethers.

No, this'll either be concerns about my lack of income, or a reaction to a couple of throwaway comments about the amount of alcohol my friends imbibe.

Or something completely out in left field. I never know.

But yeah, it's one more wonderful thing to anticipate.

Hope it's not the birds and the bees!!!

I think he realizes I know that one.

It's far more likely to be a lecture on the evils of Demon Rum...