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Bruce [userpic]
Loom for Sale

My parents are selling my mother's loom.

It's a Gilmore 44" 4 harness folding (X-frame) loom.

It's in like-new condition, and the new equivalent costs around $2,500, but they haven't quite decided on a price.

If anyone's interested, let me know.

Current Location: The Dome
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Is it big and black like Yaphet Kotto?
'cause that's how the kid identified Kotto as the messiah -- he was big and black, and he loomed.

woah I bet it's big enough to make slings.

Well, yeah...

You would want to make another sling for yourself...wouldn't you!? =-p

Would love one, but we have no room.... ah, to be able to weave my own fabrics....

Yeah, that's always an issue - it's a remarkably compact loom, but it still takes up about as much space as an upright piano...

Jean the Batt weaves. If you see her, ask her.

The things I don't know...

Yeah, I'll do that.

The only weaver I know is in Virginia and is a grad student. But she knows people around these parts. I'll link this to her and see if she knows anyone.