Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Party On

I fiddled around yesterday until about 3:00pm, at which time I finally felt tired enough to go back to sleep - and didn't have time for it.

So I cleaned up, climbed in the car, and set out to do a couple of things before the show I was doing at SJSU. That ended up being (1) some food at Panera, and (2) a beard and hair trim. That latter being a bit of an irritant. They always insist on putting in leave-in conditioner. And that always leaves my hair feeling like, well, I desperately need to take a shower. On top of that, this one has a rather persistent floral scent.

But there was no time. I got back to the apartment, finished loading the car, and got down to the campus at about 6:50pm.

Setup went fairly well. It turns out this event was their "karaoke club," which they hold every couple of months or so. I gotta say, it's odd being surrounded by college kids. Especially since a bunch of them kept calling me "sir."

tigercutig showed up during setup, and helped me with several items (including the vital "get a parking permit for more than two hours"). Then he took off to the Hamptons for the big kids party.

They had multiple themes going. The "hosts" were Jeremy and Tina, both in odd SJSU colored sorta superhero outfits, and Tina being almost too aggressively lesbian ("That one's mine, and that one's mine..."). They had judges for a contest, who a couple of times during the night gave out prizes.

And then there was the whole "mocktail" thing. They had a "bar" in the corner making non-alcoholic drinks, and at a fairly irritating frequency, Jeremy would grab a mic and spout some statistic about the evils of demon rum. Then Tina would make a joke too awful for even me, and we'd get back to singing.

In retrospect, I feel guilty that I didn't drink anything alcoholic later at the Hamptons.

46 individual singers over the length of the evening. Many of them quite good, and with quite an eclectic set of tastes. Gives one hope for the future, it does. I ran over my allotted 4 hours by 35 minutes or so, just to make sure that everyone who signed up got to do at least one song - while trying to deal, of course, with people wondering what happened to their second song. Jeremy is thinking of doing 5 hours next time, which is fine by me.

So a lot of fun. I actually got through shutdown fairly rapidly, despite a war with an elevator which did not like being kept open for too long, and then ran into the little detail that I needed a card key to get out of the parking garage. I think I sat there for 20 minutes while Jeremy ran around trying to find an appropriate card.

And then to the Hamptons, getting there a little before 2:00am. Just in time to hug Seth goodbye again.

The mood there was slightly odd, partly because of the conflict between people wanting to party, people having sex, and people who had been planning to sleep in the rooms where other people were having sex...

And then the whole "departure" drama. I'd mentioned a couple of times during the visit to NYC how much I liked big cities, and I assume that, in combination with the desire I'd had to follow Debbie and Eddie when they'd first moved out there, convinced timenchanter that I was likely to take off at any moment.

So I had a rather drunk Timmie confusing me by going on about making sure I couldn't leave, and not believing me when I said I wasn't. Then Timmie told cekyr0, who (quite flatteringly, I must say), collapsed into tears. So I spent what must have been an hour, first consoling Alex, then Timmie, and trying to convince everyone that no, I'm really not planning to depart anytime soon.

An interesting combination of warm fuzzy and annoyed feelings.

But I also got in some nice conversations, including with the lovely princesskiti22 and candiddani, as well as a somewhat rambling one with Johnny. It's an odd situation when some guy is pouring his heart out while you're desperately trying to not fall asleep...

I'd been planning to take a bit of a nap before heading home, but around 6:00am, it became clear that napping just wasn't going to be possible. So I came home, and slept.

And now I need to get on with the day - I have several errands, and I'm already late to my parents'.

Not that they aren't sadly used to that.

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