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Bruce [userpic]

Large parts of yesterday were, well, just sloooow. I didn't get myself out of bed and on the road until late, then I insisted on actually having a sit-down dinner (I think I wanted to show the laptop that I still cared, so I took it out), then I just had to get to Fry's, return my dad's laptop memory, and get a CD/DVD cleaner disc for the Karaoke system (I've been having odd reliability problems with one of the drives, and the system does blow a lot of dust through both of them).

The upshot of all this is that I didn't make it to the bar until 8:15pm. It was relatively empty then, but by the time I'd figured out where everything had gone, fixed up things, loaded the new songs, and had the cleaner disc fail to be recognized by either drive (sigh...), it was 9:15pm.

It was also a lesson in "don't leave stuff out around the bar." When timenchanter closed down Monday, he asked if he should put the system away, or just leave it up. I stupidly decided to leave it up. bluize decided (likely with corroboration from a DJ or two, I'm sure), that it "blocked the view of the dance floor" for the DJ (this is vital?), and so took it down and shoved it back against a wall.

With the cover off.

And the (new) keyboard dongle sticking straight backward. So when I pulled it back out, the dongle was bent, and its cover broken. It miraculously works, but I'm not feeling too, well, secure about it - after all, I had to bend it back into shape, and the USB contacts I bent back are generally part of the same circuit board as the rest of the dongle. Ick.

By the time I started, there were about 7 people lined up to sing. Definitely a fun group. There were the usual suspects, including, of course, princesskiti22 (ah yes, I remember it squee!), and a Nate-o that contrary to his usual schedule, was both there early, and stayed all night.

We also had Honey, Heather (of that group), Angela, and alphaba, so the lesbian quotient was somewhat higher than usual. We also had Nick, of short-term bartender fame. Not that he sang, but I don't see him too often.

There was also a short visit by Zena and Gia (who I don't believe I met before). Gia didn't seem thrilled that I was unconcerned by a lack of Hannah Montana in the collection...

Fun group, but still it was kind of slow for a Thursday. Even starting late, we went 8 rotations before closing down at 2:00am. And the Paula was definitely moaning when the time came to count the money.

Such is life - we at least had a good time. Keri had quite a time. Nate-o decided she'd be fun drunk, and proceeded to do what he could about that. Which turned out to be quite a bit.

By the end of the night, her singer announcements were quite... unique...

Meanwhile, I spent the evening trying to get everything to sound OK. A large fraction of the vocals had bizarre clicking, popping, and distortion effects. Some people didn't seem to hear it, but others - and especially me - did. It drove me crazy - I was turning on and off various bypass switches, playing with contacts, watching meters (which, for the place I keep the rack right now, meant standing on a chair), with no effect.

It finally went away for the last hour of the evening, when I turned on the bypass for the feedback eliminator. I still don't know if that was what did it, or if it was coincidental. Especially since it doesn't make a huge amount of sense. The feedback eliminator is placed across the system outputs, but background vocals didn't have the same problem.

More odd is that when I did hit the bypass, vocals kind of went "flat." Most people, including me, just couldn't hear themselves. This is almost the precise opposite of what I'd expect.

In any case, I cleared out all the filters, which is about all I can do with that, and hopefully the problem will have mysteriously gone away by tonight.

It took me forever to shut down, partly because of various conversations, and partly because I had to load most everything into the car, since I've got a party to do this evening. In fact, I wasn't out of there until 3:00am, at which time I rejoined supersniffles at Denny's for supper, and then came home and collapsed into bed.

And that's the night that was. I'm of course awake before I should be, which means that I'll shortly fall back into bed, and sleep the rest of the afternoon away, because, y'know, otherwise I might actually get something done...

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I was unconcerned by a lack of Hannah Montana in the collection
Well my daughters won't be impressed (but given that they can't legally darken the door of KOC for another decade...)

I figure by that point either they will have acquired some taste, or Ms. Montana will have acquired some interesting songs.

Heck, there's even a Britney song I really like. Too bad it came out just before her brain started melting...