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October 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
Home Again

I have to give props to JetBlue. We didn't get on the plane until about the planned departure time, and then spent about an hour waiting in line for takeoff.

But we still arrived in San Jose right on time.

I spent most of the flight watching the end of season 4 of Project Runway, and then had to conk out during the last episode. Damn my human weaknesses!

But back to JetBlue: I mentioned the reception was out on the outbound flight, yes? Well, I now have a completely unsolicited email coupon for $15 off a future flight as a result. Also, on both flights, by the time I got to the baggage carousel, my bag was already there. Granted, I tend to stop off at the first bathroom I see off the plane, and freshen up, but that takes at most fifteen minutes.

In fact, for tonight's flight, not only had it arrived, but it was being guarded in their baggage office.

Anyway. timenchanter gave me a ride home, where I cleaned up and unpacked a little, then we grabbed some food at TGIFriday's, followed by a visit to the bar to see lizzstar and the Infirmary. Slow night, but good music played by good DJs. We left about, I believe, 1:30am, and came back home.

I've cleaned up a bit more stuff, caught up on LJ, and now I really should get to bed before I just fall asleep while typing. That's already happened once in the middle of a comment...

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Perhaps they pad their tarmac time estimates by a factor of four so that they can keep their reputation as a miracle worker.

I certainly suspect there's padding in the estimates. Nothing else makes all that much sense...