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Bruce [userpic]
I'm Going Home...

The water came on about half an hour after my last post, and I was able to take a shower.

With the slight distraction that the toilet started flushing continuously at the same time. It's an industrial type, and I tried tapping on it to get it to close - that frequently works - but to no avail. Searching around for a shutoff valve was fruitless, and it was dripping onto the bathroom floor at a fairly nervewracking rate.

I decided to take the damn shower, and then see what I could manage. As I was getting out, Debbie came home, and handed me a large block of wood with which to hit it. Hard.

That eventually worked.

Apparently this is not a rare occurrence.

In any case, I grabbed a bagel downstairs (When a New Yorker says garlic and herb spread, they aren't kidding about the garlic), futzed around a bit more, then started the pilgrimage to the airport at around 2:20pm.

At least this time the bum that thought I was a rock star thought I was John Lennon. I don't mind being taken for John Lennon, at least, apart from that whole "dead" thing. He was actually kind of cool - we talked for a little bit.

Otherwise uneventful. I got here early, and took my time going through the various hoops. We're supposed to start boarding oh, about 5 minutes ago, but at least the plane is here. It shouldn't be too bad - plus I may have a row to myself again! Excitement! Thrills!

I'm a little ambivalent. Just hanging around Debbie makes me smile, even when we're largely having nothing to do with each other. And I like large cities.

But home is home, and I need to try to get on with things.

Current Location: JFK
Mood: awakeawake

No ambivalence... Timmie is here. You love the Timmie.

Yes, dear. You always could come visit, of course.

Erm... I miss you after a week being gone. Exactly how well do you think I'll handle months at a time?

Didn't know I was that addictive...

I'll be home soon, dear.

Now you know...and knowing is half the battle. lol

Don't we have a similar conversation to this EVERY time you go away? Sheesh. Ah well, I suppose it doesn't hurt to remind you.

According to the website you should be taking off in about 10 minutes...

That was about when we finally pulled away from the gate.

And got in line. For another 40 minutes.

But we landed on time. Go figure.

So have you got your bag yet? Should I head that way?