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Bruce [userpic]
More Hike

I decided to try to actually get up Monday, and go out and see something. I was even clean and dressed by around noon.

Debbie was preparing for a staff meeting, and I told her I was planning to go to the Met. She pointed out that they're closed on Monday, but thought the Museum of Natural History might be open.

So I headed out the door, grabbed some diner food, and marched over to Central Park. And through Central Park. And around Central Park.

It's an interesting place, is the park. It's on the whole fairly flat, and one can see for some distance in a lot of cases.

But I still find it easy to get lost, if only because while a lot of the paths cross, they do so at slightly different elevations, so they don't connect. And they wander.

But that's OK, since it's also a beautiful place, and it was a beautiful day. I walked most of the way around the reservoir, around the Met (whaddaya know, it was closed!), around the Great Lawn, down to the Belvedere castle, with a slight pause there to enjoy the view, then over (eventually) to say hello to Alice.

I always need to go and say hello to Alice.

I sat there composing part of my last post, enjoying the statue, and watching a couple of families climb on the statue and take pictures - one nice, one deeply dysfunctional. Then down to the Bethseda Terrace (after Angels in America, I have an attachment to that statue), where I managed to avoid some fairly large Bee Movie publicity stunt. I assume it's being released to DVD.

Then through the Ramble, and somehow out of the park directly in front of the Natural History Museum. It was something like 3:15.

By this point, my feet were already sore.

But I touristed bravely forward. I walked through the butterfly exhibit with a grade school party of relatively well-behaved brats, and enjoyed a mass of butterflies. Well, except for a couple of 8" ones. They scared me. Fortunately, they weren't flying while I was there.

Then a fairly desultory walk (well, more hobble) through the dinosaurs, until I kinda gave up, but then found the Asian Peoples Culture Hall. That kept me interested until 5:30pm, when I had to find an exit before the place closed. I'd kind of finished off that hall, but then had the sinking feeling that only finding all the other halls could give.

Eh, more for future trips.

Then back through Central Park (by a considerably less roundabout route), a pause to buy some hot nuts, and back to Debbie's.

Neither of us felt like going out, so we ordered pizza delivery. Penne vodka pizza. I couldn't resist the thought of starch-on-starch. It's pretty good stuff, though the medium we ordered was gigantic, and each slice almost painfully filling.

And that's about it for the day. The rest of the evening was devoted to crime shows and Family Guy, and now I need to get myself to bed. There's more to do tomorrow.

Slightly separately - I napped a bit after getting home, and woke at one point in something approximating a cold sweat. I need to do my taxes. And pronto. I'm probably going to have to withdraw from the IRA to pay them, and not only does that take forever, but the person in charge of it has changed. I'm going to have to find out how much I owe, dig that person up, then hope the hold ends before the taxes are due...

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I thought you might have something to say about this. And maybe you could spread it to your friends. www.victoryfund.org/listening

It's already been spread. And honestly, I haven't listened to it personally. There are a lot of stupid people in this country, and some fraction of them are in government posts.

Same old poison, different day.


that's just wrong.

Re: grr

I won't argue. It definitely is.

But you've gotta recognize that some fraction of human beings are always gonna be mindless knee-jerk shitheads.

How quickly they forget...

I'm relatively certain that I have enough to cover your taxes and am more than willing to do a loan until such time as you have the funds either by withdrawal or earning.

Re: How quickly they forget...

Thank you, dear.

Re: How quickly they forget...

It seems relatively karmic or some such thing. :-)

Re: How quickly they forget...

There is a certain balance to it...

Re: How quickly they forget...

Poetic, isn't it? Or whatever...

On another subject, how are the cushions you bought holding up? You complained of heel pain, but not toe pain...

Re: How quickly they forget...

Not too badly. I had to rearrange them a bit after the first day, but they've been pretty good since then.

Most of the problem now is, not too surprisingly, little toe friction with the outside of the shoe. But it's OK - at least for just a few days.

Re: How quickly they forget...

Precisimo. No one expects anything crazy like close-toed shoes on a regular basis. ;-)

Did you see Octavius and Jedediah while you were at the museum?

No, but then I didn't stay the night...