Bruce (kor27) wrote,


To what I'm sure would be everyone's surprise, I spent a large fraction of Sunday sleeping. Well, actually just an inconvenient fraction. The problem with this whole "sleep four hours at a time" bit is that there's no bloody time to really do anything. I woke up at 10:30am or so, fiddled around for a bit (including updating the bar website), watched Mad Hot Ballroom with Debbie, then conked out again until something like 7:00pm.

So I showered, got dressed, and had myself a stroll down to Times Square and back (roughly 6 miles, for those who care), with a stop-off to grab a slice of pizza and a salad, a candy bar at the Hershey's store, and a wander through the Colony Records karaoke section. Some interesting stuff, but I can order it online for a similar or lower price.

I'm fond of nights, but I especially like cities at night. The lighted, busy areas (Times Square is always fun, and there's this giant, funky blue and white "light fountain" at Rockefeller Square), and the sleepy office buildings. The empty plazas. The views with shadowy outlines that can be filled in by the imagination. The bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and the people that inhabit them.

Speaking of those people, so far this trip I've been taken for Eric Clapton, and a generic "acid-dropping rocker." That latter by a pizza-dropping drunk.

I've been back for a while now, and will hopefully drag myself to bed soon, on the theory that possibly, just possibly, I might, y'know, make it to something while it's open tomorrow.

Still, while spending time at the sights is always a good thing, there's nothing quite like wandering through a city to get a feel for its flavor. Even if you lose all feeling in your ears while you're doing it...

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