Bruce (kor27) wrote,


So the Thursday waking time was 1:30pm local, which is a rather scary 10:30am California.

Something is definitely wrong.

Debbie and I had some Chinese delivery, then got ready in time to get into line at the Metropolitan Opera by 5:15pm.

By 6:30pm, we had met up with electrichobbit, and had our rush tickets in hand. A slight detour to get some food in Mark, and some liquid in the other two of us.

Then back to see a very nice production of La Traviata. The sets were astounding, and the singers awe-inspiring.

Though it also reinforced why I don't spend much time with opera. It's just a teensy bit irritating to me that it takes 3 hours to cover a page and a half of plot. But that's just me.

And it was a very lavish and lovely 3 hours, which I'm sure I'll happily repeat at some future date.

Mark and I were sitting next to this absolutely darling older lady. She was chatting on about a lifetime of visits to the ballet and the opera, and an extensive list of cousins and relatives, all the while fingering her mother-of-pearl-covered opera glasses., and using this charming accent. It just made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Right now, we're back at Debbie's apartment, both of them are asleep, and Across The Universe is playing

I should be climbing into bed soon. But first I need to finish this movie. It's rather amazing - and I'd forgotten how wonderful their music was.

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