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Bruce [userpic]
Low Key

It's been an excellent trip so far, a pleasant diversion from my usual high-powered, high-stress lifestyle.

OK, that was pure bullcrap, but it has been a lot of fun. I used my usual deplaning strategy, which is to wait until everybody else has walked off before standing up in the aisle, collecting my stuff, and heading out. This had the extra advantage that since they were remarkably efficient with the luggage, my suitcase was sitting, alone and uncrowded, on the baggage carousel by the time I'd cleaned up a bit in an airport bathroom, and felt better able to face the world.

The trip to the nearest station to Debbie's was supposed to take about 62 minutes, according to my software. It was more like 80. No big problem - the subway makes for great people watching.

Then a morning and afternoon that involved a decent bagel (Yes!) and much nappage, or at least attempted nappage, on both our parts. Neither of us had gotten much good sleep on Tuesday, as it turned out.

Then a nice dinner at Manatus (Not exactly high end gourmet dining, but the first time in ages where I've had beef stroganoff where the beef was done properly), then a cupcake at the Magnolia Bakery, and a pleasant few hours watching Brian perform at the Duplex.

We faded around midnight local, which is funny given my normal schedule, but probably a good thing in the long term. I woke up a little dehydrated and headachy an hour or so ago (possibly that shot of Jack for the road...), but I'm much better now, and should probably climb back into bed.

I need to be ready for tomorrow, and the presence of the lovely electrichobbit.

Current Location: Chez Debbie
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

You might want to fix the link that jumps to electrichobbit's journal. ;-)

It was actually a single vs double quote on the previous link.

What's worse is they never sent me notification of your comment...

quelle horreur !

LiveJournal vomit.

a pleasant diversion from my usual high-powered, high-stress lifestyle.
...as a Wall Street futures trader? Do I detect a whiff of sarcasm?

Do you have any idea how stressful it is picking songs for the scores of tens of occasional people that show up on Mondays?