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January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Terra Firma

For all the hundreds waiting with bated breath, I've landed safely at JFK, and am about to embark on the adventure that is getting to Debbie's.

Odd flight. A receiver somewhere is not functioning properly, so none of the satellite channels functioned. No big deal, but it got a little spooky when the map stopped updating our position.

There's something a little weird about flying along, while the map insists you're stationary and 5 feet above sea level in Scranton.

I managed a little sleep, which means I'm now fighting off a headache with ibuprofen. Sleeping in odd positions almost always gives me headaches.

Frankly, almost anything gives me headaches. I've just managed to figure out ways to dance around most of them....

Whatever. To the baggage claim, and beyond!

Well, after the plane gets to the terminal, anyway...

Current Location: JFK
Mood: tiredtired

Bitchin. Good luck getting to Debbie's - how are you planning on doing that?

I did my usual, bypassed the more efficient LIRR, and took the subway.

About an hour or so.

Actually, now that suyana has moved, the LIRR is less efficient. You probably actually did take the most efficient route, as long as you took the E.

(I was wondering what you took because I'm doing the same thing when I get back from CA and I'm trying to decide how to go).

I just follow what my software tells me, which is the E to the 6.

Slave to the computer am I.

i have this magic wand.....

I'll bet you do. Does it vibrate?

you know it does

almost anything gives me headaches
So have you read the Harry Potter series?

I'm afraid not. The enjoyment I miss from not reading them is amply balanced by how much that bugs the fan I live with...

Well, under current circumstances tree pollens could easily take all the blame, but JKR's notion of horcrux was so compelling that she allowed it to become the obscured pun with which she ended the final sentence.


No, I'm not re-reading Deathly Hallows. I swear!

so do you know about the pun at the end, possibly even enough beyond pun that it classifies the whole series as shaggy dog?

There are terribly many puns in the entire series. I don't know of one at the end that is specifically more egregious than any of the others, though.

Well, sure, driver of the Knight Bus, Ernie Prang, a wizard Prang. But all like that are just throwaways by comparison to what I fear was going to be the final sentence of the series. JKR had said the final word would be "scar". In an interview she answered a question about why it was not so, but I'm still not convinced. Perhaps it was only because the fan blogs had already picked up on that possibility that she didn't actually end with this horribly Freudian shaggy dog line:

Sometimes a scar is just a scar.

have funnnn!!!!!!

I'm in the same apartment as Debbie - how could I not?

Glad you made it! Have fun, be safe and do lots of cool stuff!

Thanks, dear!

Good luck with the show - I'll do my best to respond to text messages, but we'll be at the opera, so my ability to do so may be somewhat curtailed...

Ha! No faith...