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Cheese Is Good!

Another day of not much sleep, though hugely improved by timenchanter volunteering to get Mena to school.  Hugely improved for me - not him.

In any case, did lunch with Timmie, fiddled with the schematic a little more, slept a little, then went to supersniffles's house for another movie night.  By the time I was up and active, it was about 8:00pm, or mid-morning in the Cindi world.  It also meant I arrived at her place just before Timmie did.  He had a separate social engagement he went to first.

It was theoretically going to be a Jeff Goldblum themed night, but by bringing the appropriate supplies, I managed to turn it into a cheese-fest.  We watched Flesh Gordon and Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD.  Both extremely cheesy films that revel in it.

'Twas appropriate we had pizza for dinner.

Timmie was going to head out to Splash, but fell asleep on Cindi's floor, instead.  It at least gave him some much-needed sleep.

Something I should look into doing.

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