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Bruce [userpic]
Dead Like Me

After my last post, well, we did OK for a while, then everybody went home. For a couple of rotations, is was just the three of us employees and candiddani. Then Lisa faded.

So we stopped for the night, after 7 rounds. The three of us then watched the first episode of "Buffy."

timenchanter and I had some supper at Carrow's, then home and something like the sleep thing.

Well, y'know, prefaced by several hours of mindless surfing. But that goes without saying.

My first task Monday was to get something done about Cindi's CPU. After a remarkable bit of roundabout, I have an RMA number an'all, just nothing shipped. That's on my list for tomorrow.

Looks like they only do exchanges, so I'm looking forward to attempting to put the same set of pieces together again. Joy!

I also managed to get some clothes for the trip, as well as some RAM for my dad's laptop. I'm supposed to put that in tomorrow, which is only likely to happen if I forgo sleep. Which might be a good idea - I need to be on a schedule that more approximates "normal" for the trip.

I got to the bar a little late, but nothing remarkable.

What is remarkable is that there have been no songs sung tonight. Zero. Zip. Nada.

It just never seemed worth the trouble, since the only singers signed up were myself and Timmie.

We've had a total of maybe 7 customers all night. Some cool people, definitely - Steve's friend(?) Paul, Justin G. and his roommate Erik, the ever-lovely hektikat, and a very nice lady named Teresa.

But the main thing I've done all night is watched "The Devil Wears Prada" with Timmie. I knew there was a reason I put the player output on the board.

Positively unloved, I'm feeling.

It's nights like this that make one question one's career choices...

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Mood: boredbored

If it makes you feel any better, Paul and I wanted to come and sing.

Unfortunately, I had to stay late for work and by the time we fed ourselves and recapped our day, it was something like 10pm. -and we both get up at 7am.


Eh, no biggie. Honestly, I just figure that for an already minimally-attended night, a statistical anomaly that brings us to no singers at all isn't amazingly unlikely.

Factor in that a disturbingly large number of people are still sick, and that there were two social events this weekend, and, well...

I should clarify: No biggie from my point of view.

I realize the schedule's eroding your sanity...