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So of course I was up until around 8:00am this morning. Playing with Python and XRC. In fact, I woke up again at 3:00pm, and started in again.

I'm fairly happy with the interface, but now it's a matter of connecting that interface to something. I have the pieces of "something," but nothing too solid. And, of course, I have limited experience, still, with Python.

Fun, though. And something I'm going to have to give up for the next week. The karaoke system is staying at the bar until I get back.

I'll just have to console myself with Debbie's company. Poor me.

timenchanter and I got to the bar just a little late. In fact, we were mostly delayed by my giving him a refresher run through of the system setup (MIKEY SAYS HI!!!).

Not that it mattered too much. We didn't have customers here until around 8:45pm.

It's being a pleasantly low-key night so far. This is the first night that candiddani has been back in a couple of weeks, and we also have the rare simultaneity of a spondee visit.

Not to mention, as one can see above, the extreme pleasure of a spawrhawk visit. Even if he doesn't seem to be thrilled with my having given him Bohemian Rhapsody as a suicide song...

And we have princesskiti22 (now with Squee™!), moahb, hogarthhughes, trivialt, Jason, trivialt, synkitty, Nate-o, markobellydance, and celticnoor.

Life is actually pretty good.

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