Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night started so well - dinner_and was a huge amount of fun, as usual, princesskiti22 is back and being her squee-provoking self, candiddani is feeling better, and all was good with the world.

Though I definitely need to stop drinking so much, or at least stop drinking so much with a high sugar content. Having an instant hangover at 1:00am is just not that much fun. But with the application of considerable amounts of water, and a nap, I was feeling good enough to head home around 2:30am.

Where I decided to add the new discs to the collection.

That's where things started to go a little bit downhill.

One of them (a used disc which, though resurfaced, has some noticeable damage), took near forever to scan. Which meant I had to eventually verify the quality of every single track end to end. One of them has a problem, but that's a duplicate track, and otherwise it seems OK.

But the next disc...

It's new, it looks nice and shiny, but it won't load in that drive. Apart from considerable noise about ASPI errors, and scanning at 0.26x, the resulting files are garbage. After a couple of tries, I used the other drive, which sucked the data in rapidly, though sloppily (Tons of little graphic artifacts - on a brand that keeps artifacts from the beginning to the end of the track, accumulating odd blemishes as it plays along). I still need to write software to deal with errors in the scanning process, but for now, the sound's good, and the results are legible, if ugly.

I may need to invest in a drive cleaner.

Of course, all the loading drama meant that I had to watch all of that disc as well. I finally had all of that done, as well as the database entries finished and verified, around 7:30am. When I remembered that I had a whole list of database errors to investigate.

I was through with about two thirds of those by 9:00am, when I said "Fuck it" and fell into bed.

Around 3:00pm I roused again, and started back in on the errors. I'm through them now, the update sheets have been printed, the songs from MM98-05, while not removed from the database, are at least no longer available for play (I need to do some work on discontinued tracks, so when I get an older slip, or one written from an older book, I know what to load).

And I think I'll head back for another hour of sleep. I's tired.

In other news, I got a call from a contact at SJSU about doing a party, which I'll be doing (the money, she is tight). I just haven't called back yet. The sad thing is that it's on March 14th, so I'll be missing the majority of the Big Green Monster party. This sucketh.

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