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January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Crawling Along

Last night's show was... interesting. I got started around 8:30pm, when mr_seed and valeriesparks showed up. After a couple of rotations, a few more people got there (Jason, trivialt, Rick O., moahb, and snafflekid), and we actually some people.

supersniffles showed up a bit early, and then everybody but her left - pretty much all at once.

So I ran for another 16 3-person rotations until about 1:50am, with the addition somewhere in there of (annoying) Bob for a song.

Needless to say, bar income was not stellar last night.

Them's the breaks.

We actually did start the evening with a nice little group of Japanese businessmen, who bought a round of drinks. Unfortunately, they were looking for dancing girls, and left about the same time the singing started.

At the end of the night, Timmie didn't feel up to driving, so I took him out to the Mini, where he continued to read his book, and I surfed.

Then home. I still need to get him to his car, but he's been feeling ill all day.

So far today, I've slept, done a little development work, and picked up Cindi's motherboard.

Well, and had dinner. Now I need to get home, and start some laundry. Both my sheets and my pants are starting to develop rudimentary forms of intelligence.

Current Location: Popeye's
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

The pics are my main task when I get back to the apartment.

In the meantime, I get to alternate between watching the laundry, and TMZ. Woo! Mindless broadcast TV!

At least I only need to wash a couple of things in the huge machines at the laundromat....

We have a (pay) washer and dryer at the apartment. It's kind of expensive, but incredibly convenient.

But I seriously needed to wash my IKEA quiltish-type thing, and it's waaay to large for the one there.

In fact, I just washed it in one of the triple load machines. And did another load while I was here.

Now I just need to wait for everything to finish drying...

On the other thing, I'd be pretty pissed too. I'd try to help, but I'm one of the few remaining humans without an iPod.

I just can't get behind being a pod person...

Re: Pod people

Ran into some hitches with the photos, solved those, but then spent all night working on Cindi's machine.

I have 300 photos to wade through, select, and process.

I'll have the laptop at the Hamptons tonight...